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Claridge Royale - Floor Plans and Pricing Released


**For more information about Claridge Royale, visit our Claridge Royale page here. **

Claridge has officially released the floor plans and pricing ahead of the launch for its latest project Claridge Royale. Located at 180 George Street, Claridge Royale will be launched to the public tomorrow at 12noon, with VIP clients getting access at 10am. The launch will take place at the sales centre, across the street, at 244 Rideau Street.

Some quick numbers:

- The building average is $657/sqft
- The average unit size for the building is 669sqft.
- There are 22 units that are priced below $300,000
- One storage locker included in the price with each unit
- Parking is $45,000 for one beds or larger (not available for studios)
- They are adding a rooftop patio (on the condo roof) in addition to podium roof.
- 20% deposit (15% in 30 days, 5% on occupancy)
- Occupancy September 2024.... told to expect 2025

See below for the floor plans. Pricing is available upon request. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page for more information.

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Claridge Moon - Choosing Units + Views


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Pre-construction condo buying can be very exciting but also intimidating. You are trying to choose the best unit, with the best view, with out spending over your budget. Last thing you want to do is to purchase a unit, thinking that the view is going to be unobstructed to move in and find out that you are facing another building.

We have gone through all the leg work to track down heights and make things easier for you.

The Building

The building is one of three in the development. The condo building is 27 floors, located at the north east corner of the lot. The rental building will be 27 floors, located at the south west corner of the lot. The podium block will be three floors, and then the third tower will be nine floors and located the at the south east corner of the lot.

North Facing

Directly to the north of the condo building is a 13 floor building plus mechanical rooms on the roof (located across the street). To clear this building you would need to be roughly on the 14th floor, or 15th floor to be safe. There is no planned development that would affect the north facing view. The north facing units would be Hydra, Ariel, Luna, Equinox, and the Atlas floorplans (North west corner).

North facing view from the 19th-20th floor (58 meters).

North facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

South Facing

Directly south of the condo will be the nine floor tower (plus possible mechanical units). Further from the building (across the street) you are currently looking at a parking lot. They owner has applied to use the lot as a parking lot for the next three years. Previously Brocolini had started moving forward on a mixed use project, and then most recently a hotel and rental building that would consist of two towers both 27 floors.

To have the best unobstructed views facing south you would want to be located on the 10th or 11th floor and above. South facing units would include the Titan, Elara, Calypso (1,2,3), Vesta (South west corner), and the Portia floor plans (South east corner).

South facing view from the 15th floor (44 meters).

South facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

West Facing

Directly west of the project is a 14 floor building, however the rental building as part of this project will also be located to the south west of the condo tower. In order to have the best views, you would want to be on the 15th or 16th floor. West facing floor plans would include the Atlas (North West) and the Vesta (South West).

West facing view from the 20th floor (58 meters).

West facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

East Facing

Directly to the east of the building is a 25 floor building (plus roof structures), which is located across the street. East facing floor plans would include the Callisto and the Portia (south east).

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Claridge Moon - Sales Update


**For more information about Claridge Moon, visit our Claridge Moon project page HERE. All information about the project will be located here, including floorplans, renderings, construction update, news articles, pricing, etc. **

Claridge launched its latest project called Claridge Moon which will be located at the corner of Queen and Lyon street. The project will consist of 266 units over 27 stories. As of today, Claridge has sold firm 33 units with another 10 units currently held reserved for signing. Pricing has not yet increased, yet we are told to expect an increase soon.

Claridge Moon - VIP Launch Update


**For more information about Claridge Moon, visit our Claridge Moon project page HERE. All information about the project will be located here, including floorplans, renderings, construction update, news articles, pricing, etc. **

Yesterday, Claridge held its first launch for it’s newest building, Claridge Moon. The turn out was very good with a constant line around the building. Unconfirmed number of units that have been reserved is 54 units or just over 20% of the building already reserved, after the first inital launch. The public launch begins tomorrow at 12pm at the sales centre, and we are expecting prices to rise slightly.


In terms of pricing, the building average is $648sqft with lowest being $575sqft up to $900sqft. If you don’t include the penthouse units (floors 26 and 27) the largest unit is 910sqft, and the smallest being 465sqft. Putting the average size of the building at 667sqft (not including the PH’s). Lowest priced unit is the $300,000 Titan floor plan, which is 510sqft. Previous to that was the Telesto floor plan (which is now reserved) of 465sqft for $272,000. Note that all units including a storage locker at no extra charge.

The penthouse units, which are located on floors 26 and 27, range in price from $448,000 and $464,000 (Vesta floor plan 640sqft), to $946,000 (Moonlight floor plan 1160sqft), and up to $1,635,000 (the Pandora floor plan 1890sqft).

There is no question that the excitement for this project is high - proximity to the LRT, and a Sobey’s in the ground floor podium.

Few more details:

- Condo fee’s are approximately $0.62/sqft
- Parking is $45,000 per spot ($77.74/month condo fee)
- Occupancy of September 1st 2023
- 25% Total Deposit ($20k to reserve, 10% (less the 20K) at signing, 5% 30 days from signing, 5% at excavation, 5% at interim occupancy)

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HLMRK Luxury Residence - Launching Soon

Without much information available, a new tower is coming to Centretown! HLMRK Luxury Residences, by M Developments is set to launch this December.

From the website “HLMRK heralds the arrival of a new residential landmark in Ottawa - a visionary union of modern design, locally sourced building materials, dramatic spaces, and carefully curated sweet amenities.”

View the website at or clicking this link.

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Claridge Icon - Sales and Construction Update


Located in Little Italy at the corner of Preston and Carling, Claridge Icon is coming along on time. Construction crews are currently pouring the 18th floor, out of the 45 storey building. 

There are roughly 188 units still available to purchase (out of the 320) with prices starting at $331,000 for the 610sqft one bedroom "Gable" floorplan". There are roughly 87 one bedroom units, 37 one bedroom plus den, 63 two bedroom units, and only one two bedroom plus den units that remain. Keep in mind that some floorplans are sold out, with only some floors available for certain floorplans.

- The building is set for occupancy April 2020
- Parking is $40,000/spot (condo fees are $34.35/month per spot)
- Lockers are included with each unit
- Deposit - 15% total - with 5% at signing and 10% provided 60 days after signing

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What is a PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection?


Often you will hear people in Ottawa throwing around the term PDI - Which stands for pre-delivery inspection. When you purchase a brand new condo (or home) you will be enrolled in the seven-year Tarion Warranty program. Before you take occupancy (move in), you will do an "inspection" of the entire unit with the builder. This is a comprehensive inspection where you may also be demonstrated on how to operate the home's systems such as plumbing, heating, and cooling. 

Any item that is damaged, missing, incomplete, or not operating correctly, should be noted on the PDI form that the builder will provide, which will verify that these conditions existed prior to occupancy. Some units have many small problems, some have very few. This is a chance for the builder to correct any issues before you take occupancy. Once the inspection is over, you will be asked to sign the PDI form.

Some examples that we have seen first hand are:
- tiles or flooring installed incorrectly or damaged
- appliances missing or damaged
- cabinet trim missing or damaged
- windows damaged
- baseboard trim damaged or missing
- poor paint or drywall mudding
- drywall nail pops
- counters missing or damaged
- the list goes on...

Keep in mind that the PDI is to establish that the problem existed before you moved in. If it is not mentioned on the PDI form, then it may be difficult to establish that the issue did not happen after you moved in and after you have occupancy. If there are any items that are not corrected by the time you move in, they need to be listed on a 30-day or year-end form. These forms represent a request for a warranty service and listed items that are covered under warranty that must be addressed by the builder within a specific amount of time.

If you are unable to make the PDI, you can always ask the builder and try to change the date. If that is not possible, you are able to send a designate (such as your real estate agent or friend/family member) - just provide your builder with written authority to sign the PDI form. 

Check out our post with tips for doing your PDI inspection - CLICK HERE.

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SOBA - Construction Update February 2017

Things are moving ahead on the SoBa project which is located on Catherine street. Digging has now stopped and things are moving upwards! 

For more information about SoBa Condos, check out the dedicated section with regularly updated construction and sales information. CLICK HERE to view.

Claridge Icon - Construction Update

Claridge Icon Condos Ottawa

Located at 485 Preston street, (corner of Carling) in Little Italy and Dows Lake, Claridge's Icon has officially hit rock bottom. Well... Digging has hit the lowest part and crews are getting prepared to start building the parking levels and then the 45 stories. Housing 320 residential units plus commercial space in the lower podium - it will become the largest tower in Ottawa (after construction) at 485ft. Originally set with a closing date in December 2018, Claridge has moved the occupancy back to April 2019. Available units currently range from $286,000 to $1,250,000 for one of the few remaining penthouse units. 22 floor plans in total with most still available on select floors. 

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Claridge Icon Condos Ottawa Construction

Arthaus - Sales Office Built

Arthaus Condos Ottawa - Sales Centre

We got word that a mysterious black office had landed and started hearing a little gossip about it's potential use. Finally it has been confirmed that the dark wood clad building will be the sales centre for Arthaus Residence. The sales centre is located on Rideau Street just across from the Metro and LCBO at the corner of King Edward. This also confirms that the building will start selling this spring.

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Smart House Project Cancelled


Rumours about the fate of the micro condo building have been circulating since the beginning of the month and we finally got the official word late last week. Urban Capital has decided that Smart House will be cancelled and turned into a rental building. For those who have purchased, deposits are being returned. There is no information behind who is involved with the rental building, but we do know that it will not be sold unit by unit.

Urban Capital will now turn the focus to the upcoming James Street Pub building which we expect to be launched late spring or summer 2016 at the earliest.

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Condomania - Minto Offering Big Incentives

CondoMania Ottawa

Offering discounts of up to $50,000 on select units, Minto is making it more attractive than ever to purchase a unit at one of their developments. Only a few units are included (or should we say remain) with more expected to be available during the one day event. Dubbed "CondoMania", Minto is holding a sale at the Glebe Bank street sales office on Saturday October 24th at Noon till 6pm. The projects included are Lansdowne, Beechwood, and Upperwest! In addition to the up to $50,000 savings, buyers also will receive free parking and locker PLUS a pair of RedBlacks 2016 season tickets. 

For more information about the three developments, or to see sample units and pricing click here. If you are looking for assistance with purchase, fill out the form below - I would love to help.

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The Bowery Promo Event

New promo has just announced directly from Richcraft for anyone who purchases The Bowery. Buyers have the choice between no condo fees for one year, free storage locker, upgraded designer package, or hardwood in the bedroom.

While you might have a preference on which you would prefer, it will depend on the size of the unit to decide which option would be the best option. No condo fees for one year is typically a rebate or discount off purchase price. Easily calculated for the size of the unit - $0.36sqft 800sqft = $3456/year or 400sqft = $1728/year. Storage lockers are priced around $3,000. Then the designer package and hardwood depend on the unit. 

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When Do I Have To Pay The Deposit?

Deposit structure ottawa condos.jpg

Question: When do I have to pay the deposit when I am purchasing a pre-construction condo through the developer?

Every condominium project in Ottawa will have a different deposit structure, however the typical deposit required is 20% paid in four instalments.

Example based on a $350,000 purchase price:

At time of signing - $5,000 
30 days from signing - Balance up to 5% - $12,500
90 days from signing - Another 5% - $17,500
180 days from signing - Another 5% - $17,500
Occupancy - Another 5% - $17,500

Total paid is the 20% deposit which (based on $350,000 purchase price) is $70,000.

Keep in mind that every condo development is different, and the deposit structure even might change from initial launch to nearing completion. Builders typically require higher deposits at the beginning of a project, as the bank that is financing the building will have set out requirements in order to start construction. As the project gets underway, the developer typically has more room to negotiate amounts and dates, with extensions or even reducing the amounts. 

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What Is The Ten Day Cooling Off Period?

pre construction cooling off period Ottawa

As per the Ontario Condominium Act, each developer has certain restrictions and rules to follow that are in place protect you, the consumer. When you buy a newly-built condo direct from the developer, you have the right to cancel the purchase within a 10 calendar day cooling-off period. This was put in place so when on launch day you get all caught up in the hype and excitement, you are still able to make sure you don't have any buyers remorse. Just remember that there is no cooling off period on re-sale condominiums.

Things to be aware of:
- The clock on the 10 day period starts from the time you receive a copy of the fully signed purchase and sale agreement OR the disclosure statement, which ever comes later.
- You also have the right to cancel a sales agreement within 10 days after any "material change" (significant change) to the disclosure statement.
- If you decide to cancel, the developer must refund any deposit plus any interest that may be payable.
- A developer is not able to terminate your purchase and sale agreement without your consent or a court order.

During the 10 day cooling off period we highly suggest that you:
- Have your lawyer to review the agreement and discuss any concerns that you might have about the purchase or the agreement. This is the time to request any changes to the agreement, not once the cooling off period is over.
- Speak to your mortgage broker and ensure you are pre-approved for the purchase. Keep in mind the closing date and get in writing that they are able to do a rate hold till your closing. Not all mortgage brokers and banks are able to do long rate holds for pre-construction condos in Ottawa.

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The Bronson - Cancelled? Sold? Rentals?!

Bronson Condos Ottawa Rental
Bronson Ottawa Condo

In a recent Globe and Mail article it was mentioned that Lamb Development has sold the "$90-million condo project... to an investor". The article implies that Brad Lamb sold the building to an investor who is turning the project into a rental building. Bronson is/was located at 196 Bronson Ave.

Digging further, Fortress Real Developments has announced that the development team submitted a revised development application for Bronson back in October for review by the city. "The 21 storey, 212 unit apartment project is currently being contemplated as a rental as opposed to a condominium." as per their website.

Stay tuned!

View the Globe and Mail article HERE. Excerpt "Even Toronto’s “condo king” Brad Lamb has turned to the rental market, recently selling a $90-million condo project called the Bronson in Ottawa to an investor. When Mr. Lamb unveiled the project in 2013, Ottawa’s condo market was booming, but it has cooled off amid a glut of new construction. “By the time we had closed on the project the market had shifted significantly,” said Ben Myers of Fortress Real Developments, which was financing the project. “A lot of projects came in on a few years and it was just too much.” - 

Gotham - Occupancy Delay


Owners of Gotham (224 Lyon) received notification from Lamb Development this morning of another delay in firm occupancy. Owners on the lower floors were expecting the occupancy as of March 24th, but notified today that it is pushed back till April 1st (some higher floors are reporting similar delays). 

As is in the notice "Due to some unexpected and additional items identified as required for occupancy by various City Inspectors on Thursday of this week (that will take 5-10 days for the site to complete,) we are giving you a revised firm occupancy date of 1 April 2015."

Lamb Development faced two large and unfortunate set backs during construction by outside trades that have held up completion of the building. They stand by the product, with Brad Lamb saying that "Gotham will be Ottawa's finest residence."

Questions about Gotham condos in Ottawa? 

Gotham Showcases Modern Industrial In Four Models - Ottawa Citizen


The Ottawa Citizen looks at the four models that are opening to the public tomorrow March 14th, inside the Gotham Condos. Of the 240 units in the building, only 40 suites remain, with pricing starting at $262,900 up to $451,900. Built by Lamb Development, the building is starting occupancy March 24th, 2015. Questions about Gotham? I would love to help.

Gotham Showcases Modern Industrual In Four Models
Patrick Langston - Ottawa Citizen
March 13, 2015 

Condo buyers anxious for a taste of life at Lamb Development’s much-anticipated Gotham — a name that evokes robust images of both New York City and Batman — can do so Saturday when four model suites open to the public.

The models, ranging from 497 to 922 square feet, feature strong industrial accents such as exposed concrete as well as generous glazing and contemporary decor.

The 17-storey building of glass, steel and black brick towers over a mostly low-rise neighbourhood at the corner of Gloucester and Lyon streets.

The project has sold well since it launched four years ago: only 40 of its 240 units remain available, and the builder may keep some of those unsold condos as rentals. Penthouses and “glasshouses” (spectacular, glass-enclosed units) have all sold.

Construction was slowed by this winter’s extreme cold, but company president Brad Lamb says buyers are expected to take occupancy by March 24.

The remaining units will be sold four at a time, and there will always be a quartet of model suites for viewing. Lamb calls the approach a “patient” way of selling. Keeping your customers a little hungry is also a smart way of selling.

Available suites at the time of writing range from $262,900 to $451,900.

The model suites embody the company’s fondness for contemporary, industrial-tinged design, according to Lamb.

“We want to be edgier in all our units: we use exposed concrete; nine-foot ceilings, sometimes higher; modern, clean finishes. We don’t want anything historically oriented; it’s always to the future.”

Lamb says the models target Ottawa’s main condo market: young singles, young couples, the occasional 50-plus pair without children. 

“Our goal is to deliver in every market the best units in the middle-class range.”

The project will include seven condo townhomes with private patios and 20-foot-plus ceilings in the living/dining rooms. Five of the seven homes have sold.

The models

Loft 08/09: The one-bedroom, 497-square-foot unit may be the smallest of the four models but, like all the condos at Gotham, the shotgun-style layout captures some of the great outdoors thanks to the wall of glass in the living/dining/kitchen area. The expanse of glazing includes a patio door leading to the standard-issue balcony with its gas barbecue hookup.

The kitchen features stainless-steel appliances including a gas stove, and the sleek, white Euro-style cabinetry matches the quartz countertop. The finishes in the models are all standard features, says Lamb.

The bath and bedroom, the latter with three walls only and simply decorated to reduce clutter, sit between the entry and the main living area.

An exposed concrete wall runs the length of the model, which is priced at $262,900.

Loft 10: With both a den and a bedroom, this unit maxes out its modest 648 square feet.

The den, just off the entry, sets the contemporary tone with its exposed concrete wall, black-and-white photo of a manual typewriter, and a metal-and-glass floor lamp.

A round wooden table set with white candles and surrounded by wood and-blue fabric chairs lends warmth to the living area with its one concrete wall and ceiling that are Lamb standards.

The bedroom’s sliding, frosted-glass door would provide privacy if you had a guest sleeping on a pull-out couch in the adjacent living room.

This unit is $317,900.

Loft 11/12: Another bedroom-plus-den unit, but at 751 square feet, this one has extras such as a four-piece bath with access from both the bedroom and den.

The kitchen, which is just off the foyer, has an elegant feel thanks to the blend of charcoal grey cabinetry and white countertops.

“I think we build the most beautiful washrooms and kitchens in any market,” says Lamb. “They’re like art.”

The suite, which sells for $357,900, features dark wood flooring and striking furniture, like a metal and timber credenza.

Loft 07: At 922 square feet, this unit has room for a den, a bedroom large enough for a compact tub chair in one corner, a four-piece ensuite with an undermount sink, and, just off the foyer, a powder room.

Contemporary reigns in the living area with metal basket dining chairs, a gleaming white laminate credenza, and low-slung steel and fabric easy chairs.

The kitchen sports a large island with a double, undermount sink and contemporary fixtures. The backsplash is light grey subway tile.

The unit costs $451,900.

In the area

It’s a short walk to everything from Bank Street’s restaurants and stores to parks like the one overlooking the National Library of Canada. For those with a green thumb, there are a couple of nearby community gardens, including one at Nanny Goat Hill at Laurier and Bronson.


What: 240 condo units in a 17-storey downtown tower. Also an adjacent seven-unit townhome condo development.

Builder: Lamb Development Corporation

Prices: Apartments that will be available as of Saturday start at $262,900. Condo fees: 42 cents a square foot. Parking, $35,900.

Sales centre: 224 Lyon St.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday, noon to 6 p.m.; Thursday, 3 to 8 p.m.; weekends, noon to 5 p.m. Closed Fridays. (Model viewings by appointment only.)


Bowery - Construction and Sales Update

Bowery Condos Ottawa Construction

Construction is underway at The Bowery Condos (255 Bay St) by Richcraft Group. Crane was delivered on site a short while back and crews are currently pouring the lowest parking level, P4.

Currently sitting at just over 25% sold, with an expected occupancy date of late 2016 for the lowest floor to mid to late 2017 for the penthouses. Some of the units are now sold out completely (the S4 studio unit, penthouses), while some have limited availability (S1, S2, S3, O2, O3, F4) on the lowest floors. 

Question about The Bowery Condos? 

Gotham - Building Update

Gotham Ottawa Condos Lyon
Gotham Ottawa Condo Exterior 224 Lyon

Lots of activity on site (224 Lyon st) getting ready for the first occupancy date of March 24. Today the appliances for the 9-13th floors being delivered, and the exterior construction elevator was being taken down. While there is still some exterior brickwork to be finished, some of the on-site crew has said that the majority of the units are mostly completed and ready to go, only a few exterior and common areas that still need last bit of work.

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