The LRT + Ottawa Condo's - Which Buildings Are Close To an LRT Stop?

Currently under construction, the new LRT is certainly going to help transform the city and make getting around easier. 13 stops in total (not including what is currently built or planned for the second and following phase), including three stops in the underground tunnel which is located downtown. The LRT will without a doubt, transform our city.

However, when I went to try and find an easy way to see exactly where the stops are, or how far away I was from one, there didn’t seem to be an easy resource. To solve this problem we put together a quick (and still a work in progress) interactive map with all of the stops and condo buildings!

Click on this link - or visit

Keep in mind it is still a work in progress as we add buildings, future phases, and stops. If you have some feedback or if there is something we can fix, let me know!