Claridge Moon - Choosing Units + Views


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Pre-construction condo buying can be very exciting but also intimidating. You are trying to choose the best unit, with the best view, with out spending over your budget. Last thing you want to do is to purchase a unit, thinking that the view is going to be unobstructed to move in and find out that you are facing another building.

We have gone through all the leg work to track down heights and make things easier for you.

The Building

The building is one of three in the development. The condo building is 27 floors, located at the north east corner of the lot. The rental building will be 27 floors, located at the south west corner of the lot. The podium block will be three floors, and then the third tower will be nine floors and located the at the south east corner of the lot.

North Facing

Directly to the north of the condo building is a 13 floor building plus mechanical rooms on the roof (located across the street). To clear this building you would need to be roughly on the 14th floor, or 15th floor to be safe. There is no planned development that would affect the north facing view. The north facing units would be Hydra, Ariel, Luna, Equinox, and the Atlas floorplans (North west corner).

North facing view from the 19th-20th floor (58 meters).

North facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

South Facing

Directly south of the condo will be the nine floor tower (plus possible mechanical units). Further from the building (across the street) you are currently looking at a parking lot. They owner has applied to use the lot as a parking lot for the next three years. Previously Brocolini had started moving forward on a mixed use project, and then most recently a hotel and rental building that would consist of two towers both 27 floors.

To have the best unobstructed views facing south you would want to be located on the 10th or 11th floor and above. South facing units would include the Titan, Elara, Calypso (1,2,3), Vesta (South west corner), and the Portia floor plans (South east corner).

South facing view from the 15th floor (44 meters).

South facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

West Facing

Directly west of the project is a 14 floor building, however the rental building as part of this project will also be located to the south west of the condo tower. In order to have the best views, you would want to be on the 15th or 16th floor. West facing floor plans would include the Atlas (North West) and the Vesta (South West).

West facing view from the 20th floor (58 meters).

West facing view from the 25th floor (73 meters).

East Facing

Directly to the east of the building is a 25 floor building (plus roof structures), which is located across the street. East facing floor plans would include the Callisto and the Portia (south east).

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