Claridge Moon - VIP Launch Update


**For more information about Claridge Moon, visit our Claridge Moon project page HERE. All information about the project will be located here, including floorplans, renderings, construction update, news articles, pricing, etc. **

Yesterday, Claridge held its first launch for it’s newest building, Claridge Moon. The turn out was very good with a constant line around the building. Unconfirmed number of units that have been reserved is 54 units or just over 20% of the building already reserved, after the first inital launch. The public launch begins tomorrow at 12pm at the sales centre, and we are expecting prices to rise slightly.


In terms of pricing, the building average is $648sqft with lowest being $575sqft up to $900sqft. If you don’t include the penthouse units (floors 26 and 27) the largest unit is 910sqft, and the smallest being 465sqft. Putting the average size of the building at 667sqft (not including the PH’s). Lowest priced unit is the $300,000 Titan floor plan, which is 510sqft. Previous to that was the Telesto floor plan (which is now reserved) of 465sqft for $272,000. Note that all units including a storage locker at no extra charge.

The penthouse units, which are located on floors 26 and 27, range in price from $448,000 and $464,000 (Vesta floor plan 640sqft), to $946,000 (Moonlight floor plan 1160sqft), and up to $1,635,000 (the Pandora floor plan 1890sqft).

There is no question that the excitement for this project is high - proximity to the LRT, and a Sobey’s in the ground floor podium.

Few more details:

- Condo fee’s are approximately $0.62/sqft
- Parking is $45,000 per spot ($77.74/month condo fee)
- Occupancy of September 1st 2023
- 25% Total Deposit ($20k to reserve, 10% (less the 20K) at signing, 5% 30 days from signing, 5% at excavation, 5% at interim occupancy)

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