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Matt Richling X The Globe And Mail - Buyer Wrangles A Discount For Byward Market Condo

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Matt was interviewed by The Globe and Mail regarding a recent transaction. If you have Globe And Mail subscription, you can view the article here.

”Condo sales have buoyed the Ottawa market throughout 2018, so it was a surprise to have this property on the market for as long as it was. “Our condo market in [2017] wasn’t in the best shape, but this year we’ve seen it pop back up to where we expected it to be. We’re seeing multiple offers and we’ve got a shortage of supply right now,” real estate agent says.

- The Globe and Mail, January 11th, 2019

Matt Richling X Inman News - How to explain to sellers that the market is turning

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Matt was interviewed by Inman News (the largest North American real estate industry news channel) about communicating with sellers in a changing market. You can view the entire article here.

Matt Richling, who practices in Ottawa with the RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group, said that the key is “kind of walking them through the numbers.”

“It’s based on data,” he told Inman. “If I don’t have my information they’ll question it.”

Richling confirmed that conversations about a softer market and tempered expectations are becoming common in his area. Sellers get their information from the news or from what their friends and neighbors experienced and often “feel like they naturally have a pulse of what’s going on,” Richling explained. But in reality, they might be working with information that is long out of date.

“Having that firsthand knowledge is going to make that conversation easier regardless of what you’re looking to do,” he continued. - Inman News - November 23rd 2018

Matt Richling x Ottawa Citizen - What You Should Know About Buying A Condo In Ottawa

Matt was asked about some of the things to look out for when purchasing a condo in Ottawa. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

"Matt Richling, an Ottawa real estate agent, says prospective buyers should also check with the people who live in the building by knocking on doors or connecting on social media to find out more about the “culture” of the condo. “A condo, in theory, is a city within a city,” he says. “Neighbours are the most important thing when you’re buying a house, and that’s the same here. Instead of living the next plot over, you’re sharing a small wall with neighbours.”

Richling, though, says that being engaged in the financial and physical health of the building is crucial, and that means attending meetings.
“It’s the biggest thing,” he says. “Be involved. Think about what’s important to you.”

Thinking about buying a condo in Ottawa? Let's chat!

Ottawa Citizen Feature - Perks Help New Centretown Condo Sell Quickly

Ottawa Citizen Condo sold

This past weekends Ottawa Citizen that profiled a recent sale. Click here for the online version. 

Perks Help New Centretown Condo Sell Quickly
Jennifer Campbell - Ottawa Citizen - March 3rd 2015

Location: Tribeca, 179 Metcalfe St., Unit 1607
Features: Large and stylish one-bedroom, one-bathroom. Price included parking, hardwood floors and storage locker.
Asking price: $354,900
Selling price: $348,000
Days on market: 25

Word from the sales rep: “This is a unit that shows beautifully, with stunning views looking south over the city, and we priced it competitively,” says Matt Richling, a condo sales rep at Re/Max Metro-City Realty. “The Tribeca (built by Claridge) is brand new, with some of the best amenities in the city, and the perfect location. Add this all up, and it’s no wonder the buyer fell in love.” (The buyer was represented by David O’Reilly at Keller Williams Ottawa.)

What’s good about the ’hood: Walking distance to the ByWard Market, Elgin Street, Rideau Canal, Glebe, Chinatown and Parliament Hill.

Sixty Second Chat: Mayor Jim Watson


Got a chance to speak with our Mayor, Jim Watson, about Ottawa, real estate, and his favourite late night snack. Note... he was elected as the youngest Mayor in Ottawa's history with 82% of the popular vote, has contributed his entire municipal severance payment of $31,000 to Ottawa's Union Mission for Men (in August of 2000), and gives regular party advice for residents of Ottawa.

What got you into politics?

I had been around politics for a number of years at that point working for the Speaker of the House of Commons. The short answer is that I hadn’t paid much attention to municipal politics but after I bought a house and looked at my property tax bill, I realized I better figure out where this money is going. Once I started following things more closely I decided that I thought I could help run things a little better and so I put my name forward.

You were voted in as Ottawa’s youngest mayor. What was that like?

 First and foremost, it was a honour for me that the residents of Ottawa would put their trust in me to lead our city. You are right that I was young but I had a fair bit of experience at that time and felt that I was ready for the job. I will say though that I’ve learned a lot between being elected in 1998 and serving as Mayor today in 2014.

What do you think the most important issues facing Ottawa?

Expanding the our light rail system, keeping taxes and programming costs at levels that are affordable to Ottawa’s residents, and making sure we do what we can to help our city’s most vulnerable.

What do you hope to accomplish for the city this coming year?

I hope to work collaboratively with the new Council so that we can move forward with LRT, cleaning up the Ottawa River, and keeping tax increases at or below 2% each year.

How was it to see Lansdowne Park re-open this year, a project you have been behind since the beginning?

It was great. After so many years of indecision at what should have long been a signature area of our city, it was amazing to finally see things move forward. Changing acres of asphalt and crumbling buildings into an urban park with lots of greenspace, retail and housing components, and a renovated stadium that brought with it our new CFL and North American Soccer League teams, was a major win for our city. Being there for that first sold-out REDBLACKS home opener and the opening of the Urban Park were both quite special to me and they are events I won’t soon forget.

Your answer to “How tall is too tall?” (when it comes condo buildings)

It’s too complex a question to answer with a definitive height. Every instance is, and should be looked at as, a different set of circumstances. What I have tried to do, along with the Planning Committee and my Council colleagues, is to bring a greater degree of certainty to the planning process. Certainty and predictability are what residents want from their neighbourhoods and I think we have made real progress towards ensuring that people can trust the plan that CDPs and the Official Plan have for their neighbourhood.

What is your favourite Ottawa secret that we might not know about, or should know about?

That per capita, our city gives the most to charity in Canada.

People say Ottawa is boring, what do you say to that?

People also say I’m boring! Personally, I think we’ve seen from the experience of other cities lately that a bit of boring is no bad thing from our politicians sometimes.

In terms of our City, I think that label is misplaced. We have an incredible array of festivals, multiple professional sports teams now, the Byward Market, and an incredibly diverse group of people who call Ottawa home. Go out and see new parts of the city and get involved in your community and you might soon realize that there’s a lot more going on in Ottawa than many naysayers would like you to believe.

You have knocked on a number of doors during your campaigns, a funny story that you can share?

I asked one woman if she would be willing to take a lawn sign to support me and she excitedly told me she had kept the last one for the past 4 years and was about to put it up! I guess that’s how my sign crew comes back with fewer signs than we started with at the beginning of the election.

You’re known for having some bets with other mayors, which was the best one?

Well I prefer the ones where the Sens win and I don’t have to do anything! But I did enjoy presenting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with an Ottawa Beavertail after the Senators lost to the Rangers a few years ago.

Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?

Ideally, neither.

Favourite late night Ottawa snack?

I like all of them! Hard to go wrong with a good poutine though.

Nominated - 2014 Notable Awards

Matt Richling Notable Awards

Matt is one of five nominated in the Architecture and Real Estate category for Ontario at the 2014 Notable Awards. is Canada's largest online publication and lifestyle brand for young professionals with over 1.5million monthly visitors. 

You can visit the awards website and vote here. Voting ends November 30th, so please vote now!

"The Notable Awards powered by Fusion recognizes the most notable young professionals across the country. Created by Canada's undisputed brand and publication for young professionals,, in partnership with Ford’s cutting edge and sleek Fusion, these awards are dedicated to recognizing the most notable young professionals across all of Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada who are living the 360° young professional life, from work to play.

Young professionals in the following 31 industries all share the opportunity of being crowned the most notable within their industry. Winning a Notable Award grants recognition by leading corporations and individuals across the country. Think of it as The Oscars for young professionals and entrepreneurs." - taken from the site.

Why Ottawa Real Estate Buyers Must Be Tech Savvy in 2014

The Importance of Technology for Today's Real Estate Buyers in Ottawa

There is a ton of discussion about becoming more tech savvy for the real estate industry in Ottawa as new websites and apps come out, but is technology really going to help you when looking to buy your condo or home?

Lets take a look at exactly why you will, and should, be using technology as an important tool during your hunt.

You will see properties first.

One of the first tools I will use as a real estate agent with my clients is the "Auto Notification" emails for new listings. This service automatically sends you an email of the new property (and price changes) as soon as the agent publishes the listing on our back end MLS (called MLX). This email can give you advanced notice before other buyers, sometimes up to 24 hours, before it will be uploaded to the public MLS. This is a HUGE advantage, especially if it is a hot property or in high demand. 

You will save time.

Recently, the Ottawa Real Estate Board added a feature that allows us agents to upload more  property photos (used to be only ten photos). This alone gives you a better idea of the space, and if it is right for you. Plus over the last few years, Video Tours and the horrible looking "visual tours" have started to become more used, which give you an even BETTER feel into the property and how it flows. All of this to help you decide if the property is right for you, faster, without wasting time to see every property first hand.

You will save MORE time.

Real estate and paperwork, used to go hand in hand. A few years ago, you would set a time to meet your agent, then print, sign, scan, send or fax, print, etc. the agreement, each time we needed to make a change. Now, by using program called DocuSign, I can use digital signatures to cut the time to fractions to get a counter offer. Plus, for the clients who spend the weekend at the cottage, boat, or ski hill, they can spend more time enjoying life rather than dealing with paperwork. Minutes rather than hours, not to mention a much better looking agreement at the end. However, in Ontario, digital signatures for the purchase agreement are still not allowed to be used. We can still use them for everything else such as the listing, buyer, ID verification, etc.

More information.

As an agent, I am also able to add "attachments" to the listing.  These attachments can include great information such as any pre-list building inspections, surveys, floor plans, utility bills, etc. (not every agent uploads this information, so every property is different). Keep in mind they are only accessible by real estate agents who are a member of the Ottawa Real Estate Board, since they usually contain private information. The more information you and your agent have, the better when it comes time to negotiate.

Better organized

When you head out and see ten or even five listings, it can be difficult to keep track of each specific thing you liked or disliked for every home.  It is very easy, very common, and almost expected for first time buyers to have problems keeping track. While I have my own tools and techniques that I have learned and use, every buyer will benefit from keeping notes as they go, to help later when looking back and comparing. Apps or tools like Evernote, can easily become your best friend during the hunt. Allowing you to take photos, videos, emails, notes, attachments and throw it all into an easy to find folder for later use.  

Okay, so it's not a guarantee, but the more tech savvy you are as a buyer, the better chances you will have to find that perfect Ottawa home. Can I help you find your home? 

Written by Matt Richling

Matt is a licensed salesperson at RE/MAX Metro City Realty in Ottawa, Canada. Matt loves helping sellers and buyers find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle. 

Selling: Millennials Are Here, And Looking To Buy Your Condo

This is an Ad for SOHO, which targeted Millennials. Offering a free lease of a brand new Mercedes CLA with purchase of select units.

This is an Ad for SOHO, which targeted Millennials. Offering a free lease of a brand new Mercedes CLA with purchase of select units.

When you sit down and prepare to sell your Ottawa condo, knowing who your target market is, will help you stand out and get results. Millennials, like baby boomers or Gen X, don't have a single definition, but the are typically considered to be people born between 1980 and the late 1990's. They are addicted to technology, and are now one of the larger demographics buying real estate across North America. 

If you are not going to include or pay attention to Millennial clients, then you are cutting out a large pool of possible buyers from your condo.  So, you ask if it is just marketing hype? Should you even care?

Take a peek at these economic and real estate statistics below that indicate Millennials are ready to purchase in the coming months - and beyond.

Nearly 40% of buyers are first-timers, with Millennials making up 76 percent of the demographic.
— National Association of Realtors

Half of 25-to-34-year-olds project to account for half of first-time buyers in the next decade. (Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

A third of homebuyers during the first quarter of 2014 were Millennials. (National Association of Realtors)

Mortgage rates should remain near their record lows through the end of the year and start of 2015. (Bankrate)

Credit standards are easing for first-time buyers, which is great news for many Millennials with low scores. (Wall Street Journal)

Home prices are expected to improve between May 2014 and May 2015, with a predicted rise of 6%. (CoreLogic)

Homebuying sentiment remains high for 94% of potential buyers, including many Millennials
— Discover

77% of Millennials are confident they’ll know how to organize personal finances in the future. (Wells Fargo)

From 2015-25, Millennials are forecast to form 24 million new households. (Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies)

Many young renters aspire to buy homes soon, as they view homeownership as more ideal than renting. (Fannie Mae)

Gen Y finances are improving: A third of Millennials are saving 6-10% of income for retirement.
— Wells Fargo

From February 2013 to December 2017, home values are forecast to improve by an average of 22%. (Zillow)

Over 80% of Millennials say they are either currently comfortable financially or will be soon. (Pew Research Center

Eight in 10 Millennials cited the recent U.S. recession as the main reason they’ve become better savers. (Wells Fargo)

Older residences, including foreclosures, are providing Gen Y'ers countless affordable home options. (National Association of Realtors)

Take advantage of this knowledge and contact me about selling your Ottawa condo. Click the button below. I would love to help you out!

Written by Matt Richling

Matt is a licensed salesperson at RE/MAX Metro City Realty in Ottawa, Canada. Matt loves helping sellers and buyers find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle. 

Learn from Matt Richling - DocuSign and Other Paperless Tools 101

Ottawa real estate agents, I'm teaching an upcoming course at our office's admin location (Frank St and O'Connor) about Docusign and going paperless, next Thursday (22nd). It's going to be pretty hands on and cover Docusign, Evernote, Dropbox, and a few other tools you must have! Contact me if you would like to attend, and I'll send you more details.

Written by Matt Richling

Matt is a licensed salesperson at RE/MAX Metro City Realty in Ottawa, Canada. Matt loves helping sellers and buyers find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle. 

Learn from Matt Richling - RE/MAX KickStart 2014

This past week, I was invited to speak at one of the largest RE/MAX events in North America, Kickstart 2014. I was alongside Jacqueline Pennington from Coburg Ontario, Evan Christensen from Toronto, Saara Sallinen from Parry Sound and Valerie Garcia from RE/MAX HQ. We spoke about working with younger consumers in our areas. These are great events for networking with agents across North America, which help develop relationships for our clients. If you are moving, you can rely on getting a hardworking agent wherever your new home will be.

Matt Richling with Virginia Munden From Oakville Ontario

Matt Richling with Virginia Munden From Oakville Ontario

Group of agents from across North America.

Group of agents from across North America.

New Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend Matt Richling to anyone looking to sell or buy a house. Matt recently sold my condominium, and he did it in the timeframe I needed and for a great price. I had already purchased a new home and needed to sell my condominium in short order. It could have been a stressful situation, but Matt’s open, honest, and straight forward approach of gave me confidence that he would get the job done. Matt was a pleasure to deal with. He was professional, responsive, and focused on meeting my needs. I would not hesitate to work with Matt to buy or sell a house again in the future. Thanks Matt!”
- Mark Newburgh, Director at Canadian Blood Services 

Client Testimonial

“Not everyone thinks real estate agent when they are looking for a rental property. Being a young professional female with limited time I had spent months searching Ottawa’s classified ads, looking for that perfect downtown living solution; and was fruitless or didn’t have the time to view apartments in time. I became extremely stressed with under a month left until I had to leave my current lease- until Matt suggested he could give me a hand. I never thought he would take the time with a rental, but he did. He knew of an amazing condo unit that was for rent; a corner unit that was fully equipped, clean and in the perfect location. He said I had to move quickly, which meant I wasn’t able to view the unit before I rented it. He negotiated a competitive monthly rent, and secured the unit for me within 24 hours of asking for his help. I signed the lease, because I trusted Matt’s opinion. Once he showed me my new rental, my jaw dropped-it was perfect. He treated my rental like I was buying my unit, treating me to a celebration when I moved in. I would highly recommend Matt, as he is dedicated to service, professional but most of all trustworthy.” 
- Carolynn Lacasse - Client - April 20, 2011