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“A boutique 12 storey luxury building of old-world craftsmanship is coming to one of Ottawa’s most iconic intersections at the corner of Island Park Drive and Wellington Street West in highly desirable Westboro. Each suit is custom designed and built to feel like a traditional home, equally grand and established in it’s own way. Brought to you by Canada’s only Tarion registered builder with ISO 9001 certification, a Swiss management system that demands accountability at every step, ensuring quality of engineering, supplies and materials aimed to guarantee customer satisfaction and surpass expectations.”

Site Address: 1451 Wellington Street West
Website: 1451wellington.ca
Number of Units: 93
Number of Storeys: 12
Unit Pricing: Starting at $489,990, up to $2,979,990
Unit Size: 578sqft to 2388sqft
Condo Fees: $0.85/sqft month
Parking Cost: $40,000
Storage Cost: $10,000
Deposit Structure: $5,000 on signing, balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% in 90 days, 5% in 180 days, 5% in 365 days, 5% on Occupancy

Launch Date: Mid 2017
Completion Date: June 2021
Builder: Mizrahi Developments
Architect: Page + Steele IBI Group Architects
Interior Design: Gluckstein Design
Amenities: Guest Suite, Car Wash Bay, Lap Pool, Entertainment Suite, 24 Hour Valet and Concierge, Fitness Room

1451 Wellington - Features

At The Height of Beauty

Every residence has the sensibility of time when the world was a little slower and more refined. They’re build to feel like a traditional home, equally grand and established. Ceiling heights are between 9 and 9 feet in most residences, and between 9 and 10 feet on the upper floors in the penthouses. Architectural mouldings are classic. Baseboards are 9 ¼” tall. This is your mansion in the sky.

Insulated By 10” Thick Walls

The delight of old-world architecture often comes from the features you can feel: the thickness of walls and the sense of solidity derived from traditional building processes that took time, patience and care to complete. At 1451 Wellington, Mizrahi Developments applies its own standards of quality, which exceed industry requirements, surrounding you in a sanctuary reminiscent of an era of treasured interiors and true luxury.

The Smallest Fixture Can Say As Much As A Large Fixture

The grand vision of what a property can be crucial. Where it is situated is a primary importance, affording a certain way of life, both from an aesthetic point of view and for the sale of convenience. Next are the materials and design of a building, which make the difference between a residence that feels as substantial and established as a large home and one that feels temporary. But at the end of the day, the integrity of a building is measured largely by the attention to its details of the things you may not immediately notice.

Mizrahi Developments has set out to redefine expectations for homeowners, and that means understanding the emotional investment people make when deciding on where to live. That’s why we carefully choose suppliers of something even as small as hardware. We want to surprise you with our commitment to quality and to your satisfaction of every opportunity.

Treated To Superior Air Quality Control

A sanctuary should protect you from the outside world, giving you a secret retreat that restores and comforts you. That’s why Mizrahi Developments has ensured that air quality control in your home at 1451 Wellington is created with the latest technology. Certifications in Energy Star and GreenHouse maximizes the environment responsibility and cost-savings for homeowners. We stay abreast of the latest environmental advances for the home as well as the comforts. The master suite in every residence has heated floors in the bathrooms. With superior air-cleaning filtration, you live in a pure atmosphere, free of polluting irritants. Steam humidifiers add comfort to dry winter air while heat pumps allow you to control the air-conditioning in your home to your preference at all times. Top quality mechanical system is luxury that you can feel and breathe but never see.

Windows That Invite In The Light And Shut Out Urban Noise

Good design is not just in what you are, but in what you don’t. There’s a science to the beauty of large windows that give you expansive views in all directions. Mizrahi Developments applies the latest technology to windows that offer a superior sound transmission class (STC), muffling the noise of the outside world. They also protect your interiors from UV damage. Our windows are feats of superior engineering with precision installation, multiple glazing and trapped argon gas to ensure energy efficiency. We have also designed them to swing open to the outside in an old-fashioned manner - not from the bottom, but from the side.

A Four-Hinge Door Ushers In A Feeling Of Permanence

It comes as a surprise to many people that a builder cares about such details as the heaviness of doors. But it is our painstaking concern about the smallest details that enable residents to feel confident that they have acquired a home that is secure, of superior quality, built with integrity and a vision of classic permanence. We’re not interested in just meeting the immediate needs of the marketplace. Mizrahi Developments has sent out to contribute the lasting architecture of a great city. A door so heavy that it needs four hinges may seem like an inconsequential thing, but this approach to superior quality is our philosophy. We believe in timeless craftsmanship and in the wisdom of ancient practices.

A Bath Should Be A Beautiful Slipper

A bathroom succeeds or fails on the design of integrity of its bath, sinks, and shower. People talk about living in an “aesthetic envelope”, and part of that is the pleasure of function and form. How something feels is everything. It’s not just a matter of visual pleasure - although, of course, that’s important - but the way the slope of the bathtub feels against your back. And how you can step into the slipper of a tub and immediately relax. Mizrahi Developments chose luxury fixtures for the kitchen and bathrooms in 1451 Wellington.

A Smart Home Reduces Domestic Responsibility

Home intelligence is another step to freedom. From your mobile device, anything is possible. Check out who is at the door. Turn up the heat so the house is warm when you get home. Or cool it down just in time for your arrival and the pouring of cool glass of Chardonnay. If you’re sitting on the beach in the south of France, checking into the home front, no one needs to know that you’re away. When you are at home, you can program the household tasks from keypad controllers in almost every room. A music system is wired throughout to create the mood you want. There’s a pre-wired CAT6 computer network and state-of-the-art security system to communicate with your choice of monitoring service. Whatever home technology there is, we have it for your selection.

Life On A Terrace In The Sky

Just as much attention has been devoted to the design of the terraces and balconies at 1451 Wellington as to the interiors. Tall, French doors lead the way to the exterior living spaces which offer panoramic views, whether to the Ottawa River and Gatineau hills or to the residential Westboro neighbourhood. In the penthouses on the upper floors, terraces are larger with space for an outdoor living room and a private dining area under the stars.

The Comfort OF Certifications No Other Builder In Canada Has

From the start, Mizrahi Developments set out to differentiate itself from other builders in Canada. One of the ways this was accomplished was to go through the rigorous procedure of qualifying for ISO 9001 certification. This is a process management system that demands accountability at every step, ensuring the quality of engineering, suppliers, and materials. The aim is to guarantee customer service satisfaction in terms of delivery deadlines, quality of service and integrity of the product. Developed in Switzerland, and monitored by an International body of professionals from a variety of industries, the ISO 9001 is a certification required to be maintained every year, with every job.

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