Claridge District - Now Only Rental Units

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Claridge announced last night via Instagram that Claridge District will now contain only rental units. Originally, Claridge had planned to launch three downtown condo projects this year (Moon, Royale, and District). Claridge Moon launched earlier this summer, and Claridge Royale is now planned to launch in the fall. Claridge District would have been located at Metcalfe and Nepean which is across the street of Tribeca towers, and consisted of two 27 floor towers, one for rental units, and one for condominiums. Based on the demand for rental housing, Claridge has decided to continue with both towers as rentals. This was a rumour that we had heard earlier this year, and part of the reason it was set to be the last project launched.

Claridge Moon - Sales Update


**For more information about Claridge Moon, visit our Claridge Moon project page HERE. All information about the project will be located here, including floorplans, renderings, construction update, news articles, pricing, etc. **

Claridge launched its latest project called Claridge Moon which will be located at the corner of Queen and Lyon street. The project will consist of 266 units over 27 stories. As of today, Claridge has sold firm 33 units with another 10 units currently held reserved for signing. Pricing has not yet increased, yet we are told to expect an increase soon.

Fenced In Dog Parks And Where To Find Them In Ottawa

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If you are a dog owner and living in Centretown, Glebe, or Westboro, you are most likely wondering where the closest fenced dog park is located. Granted, you can take your pup for a walk in your neighbourhood but sometimes they just want to run and play! Fenced dog parks are essential when you want your dog to run off-leash but still have control of the environment they are in.


There are two fenced in dog parks located in Centretown and their locations are convenient for those that either live towards Elgin St and Frank St or Slater St and Bronson Ave.

Jack Purcell Park is located on the corner of Frank and Elgin St, down the street from the Elgin St Diner. Jack Purcell Park has two gated entrances, the first gate allows you to prepare your dog to enter the dog park or if your dog needs a break there is a water fountain for you to use and a lower spout for your dog. The second gate allows you into the park where there is lots of room for your dog to play, as well as some shaded benches and able to relax at. The park is open 6am - 10pm year round and is closed 10pm-6am year round.

Tech Wall Dog Park is located on the corner of Slater St and Bronson Ave. This dog park has lots of room for your dog to run and play, there is a single gate access into the park and two benches at the entrance. The dog park is open year round from 5am-11pm.


Lansdowne is well known for TD Place, Whole Foods, JOEY, and the Aberdeen Pavillion, but did you know just behind Lansdowne off Queen Elizabeth Dr is a dog park? This dog park has lots of room for your dog to run, roam, and play and several water fountains at your disposal. The dog park is open year round, 7 days a week.


If you are driving west on the Queensway just after the Island Park off ramp is the Hampton Dog Run Park. You can access the dog park from Sebring Ave that leads into Parkview Rd. This large dog park is fenced in and is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Are there any others that we should add? Let us know.