Dogs in Condos

Fenced In Dog Parks And Where To Find Them In Ottawa

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If you are a dog owner and living in Centretown, Glebe, or Westboro, you are most likely wondering where the closest fenced dog park is located. Granted, you can take your pup for a walk in your neighbourhood but sometimes they just want to run and play! Fenced dog parks are essential when you want your dog to run off-leash but still have control of the environment they are in.


There are two fenced in dog parks located in Centretown and their locations are convenient for those that either live towards Elgin St and Frank St or Slater St and Bronson Ave.

Jack Purcell Park is located on the corner of Frank and Elgin St, down the street from the Elgin St Diner. Jack Purcell Park has two gated entrances, the first gate allows you to prepare your dog to enter the dog park or if your dog needs a break there is a water fountain for you to use and a lower spout for your dog. The second gate allows you into the park where there is lots of room for your dog to play, as well as some shaded benches and able to relax at. The park is open 6am - 10pm year round and is closed 10pm-6am year round.

Tech Wall Dog Park is located on the corner of Slater St and Bronson Ave. This dog park has lots of room for your dog to run and play, there is a single gate access into the park and two benches at the entrance. The dog park is open year round from 5am-11pm.


Lansdowne is well known for TD Place, Whole Foods, JOEY, and the Aberdeen Pavillion, but did you know just behind Lansdowne off Queen Elizabeth Dr is a dog park? This dog park has lots of room for your dog to run, roam, and play and several water fountains at your disposal. The dog park is open year round, 7 days a week.


If you are driving west on the Queensway just after the Island Park off ramp is the Hampton Dog Run Park. You can access the dog park from Sebring Ave that leads into Parkview Rd. This large dog park is fenced in and is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Are there any others that we should add? Let us know.

Pets In Ottawa Condos

A renovated condo at  324 Laurier Ave  by   Kariouk Associates  featuring dog bowl (repurposed urinal).

A renovated condo at 324 Laurier Ave by Kariouk Associates featuring dog bowl (repurposed urinal).

When working with a client, one of the common questions I receive about a building or a property is regarding pets, and are they allowed in the building. While most buildings in Ottawa allow pets, there are a few condo buildings that have pet restrictions. If you are looking to buy and have a four legged friend, there are a few things to note before you sign on the dotted line.

Tell your agent. Before you head out looking, make sure to express to your agent that you have a pet, and that you will be taking the pet with you. While most buildings will be okay with pets, some are not, and it would be best to know before falling in love with a unit. Your agent will know, or be able to find out what the stance of the building is on pets. 

Tell your lawyer. While the lawyer is reviewing the status certificate, they will review the bylaws of the building. This is when they would be able to tell you that there are certain bylaws that restrict pets, certain pets, or not at all. Even if your agent has given the go ahead, a second set of eyes that can ensure the building is okay with pets, never hurts. 

Matt and his partner with their Weim "Ella"

Matt and his partner with their Weim "Ella"

Keep in mind - you might see an owner with a dog in the lobby, but that doesn't mean pets are allowed. Rules are constantly changing, and it is always best to consult the building bylaws for the correct and up to date rules. EXAMPLE: 199 Kent Street or Kent Towers, has recently changed the ruling for dogs in the building. However a number of owners had pets already, so they were "grandfathered" which would allow them to stay even though the building has a pet restriction.

Other restrictions might be size or weight of the pet ( no pets over 50lbs, or some even 25.5lbs!). Some buildings restrict amount of pets (no more than one pet), height restriction (20 inches or less), and even type of pet. 

Are you a pet owner looking to make a move, and not sure if the condo life will work? We lived in our condo when we had Ella as a puppy. I would love to answer any questions!