What Is The Ten Day Cooling Off Period?

pre construction cooling off period Ottawa

As per the Ontario Condominium Act, each developer has certain restrictions and rules to follow that are in place protect you, the consumer. When you buy a newly-built condo direct from the developer, you have the right to cancel the purchase within a 10 calendar day cooling-off period. This was put in place so when on launch day you get all caught up in the hype and excitement, you are still able to make sure you don't have any buyers remorse. Just remember that there is no cooling off period on re-sale condominiums.

Things to be aware of:
- The clock on the 10 day period starts from the time you receive a copy of the fully signed purchase and sale agreement OR the disclosure statement, which ever comes later.
- You also have the right to cancel a sales agreement within 10 days after any "material change" (significant change) to the disclosure statement.
- If you decide to cancel, the developer must refund any deposit plus any interest that may be payable.
- A developer is not able to terminate your purchase and sale agreement without your consent or a court order.

During the 10 day cooling off period we highly suggest that you:
- Have your lawyer to review the agreement and discuss any concerns that you might have about the purchase or the agreement. This is the time to request any changes to the agreement, not once the cooling off period is over.
- Speak to your mortgage broker and ensure you are pre-approved for the purchase. Keep in mind the closing date and get in writing that they are able to do a rate hold till your closing. Not all mortgage brokers and banks are able to do long rate holds for pre-construction condos in Ottawa.

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Richcraft Joins The Tallest Condo in Ottawa Battle!

Richcraft Little Italy Towers

Next week Richcraft is going to be in front of the planning committee to get approval for the tallest condo building in Ottawa. The building will be located at 845 Carling, one of three buildings they are hoping to construct on the site which is the old Dow's Honda location. 

From Ottawa Citizen Article

From Ottawa Citizen Article

Currently approved and now under construction, Claridge's Icon holds (or will hold?!) the title for tallest condo building in Ottawa sitting at 45 storeys. Richcraft is hoping for a 55 storey(180 meters) building, along side a 45 storey (148 meters) and 18 storey (66 meters) sister towers, all containing approximately 1120 units, with 6,800 sq meters of ground floor commercial space.  Currently the entire Carling/Preston area is zoned for 31 storeys, which was approved last summer.

The main issue at this point seems to be over parking. Minimum parking for the complex is 675 residential spaces (91 commercial), however Richcraft is looking for an extra 100 spaces (766 in total plus the 91 commercial). The builder is also looking for an increase in bicycle parking spots to 566. Plus this complex will have direct access to the O-Train's Carling station, raising questions as to why the extra spots. 

Little Italy Richcraft Tower

Link to the Zoning Amendment

Link to the Wind Study

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To Buy or Not to Buy - Ottawa Med School and Residency

At some point you are going to be told that you shouldn't be throwing away your money to pay off a landlords mortgage, and to just buy instead. The best advice I was given was to do your own research and find out for yourself (listen to your gut), and then decide. Don't let one source influence you, read multiple view points. Every single person has different goals and you need to figure out what makes the most sense for you. Let me try and break it down a little more. Keep in mind the biggest factor is going to be time (how long are you in one place), and budget. Let me break it down further for Med Students, Residents, Fellows, etc. 

Where To Eat During CaRMS - Residents

During CaRMS, UofO asked me to attend the interviews and answer any questions about Ottawa, real estate in Ottawa, how much does it cost to rent or buy, etc. I also brought a highly desired list of places to eat while in town on the tour. Keep in mind we have some amazing restaurants, so there are other places that are not listed here.

Lifestyle Photoshoot - Edgecliffe Avenue

Ottawa Lifestyle Photoshoot Home

Selling a home in Ottawa is more than just sqft and number of bedrooms. It comes down to feelings, emotions, and the future lifestyle for the buyer. While the buyer is looking at numbers and prices, they are really searching for a certain lifestyle that they do not have now. A large kitchen to cook and entertain in, or bathroom with a tub that lets them relax, or even as simple as a space they can see their future kids running around. Sell the lifestyle of the home or condo that the new buyer will have, rather than just selling by price and upgrades. 

Anyone can put a home on the MLS, but pushing top dollar for your home or condo can only be done with experience. Thinking of selling? I would love to chat more.

Check out more photos and all of the information of the home 1487 Edgecliffe Avenue.