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2015 Residency Moves Wrapping Up - Med School Starting

Ottawa Med Student Housing

With just over a week before residency starts, almost all of the incoming R1's are now moved in, or flying home (from summer vacation) to move this weekend. What a crazy spring it has been, I was lucky enough to help over two dozen incoming residents here in Ottawa, plus another 49 across Canada. 

Across Canada? Yes, I can help match you with an agent to assist you no matter where you matched. East coast to West coast and for buying and for renting. These colleagues were specifically chosen because they understand the process of residency and have helped med students or residents regularly - plus are top producing agents in their location.

Now with September getting closer, the focus moves to medical students and their families who try and navigate the options for housing across the city. Four years of renting can be a lot of money (do the math $1600 month / 4 years = $76,800) placed in some landlords pocket. More if the student does residency here in Ottawa! But does buying make sense? Should I buy?

OR it could become a rental property if the student moves elsewhere. Properties in the proximity of the campus have some of the best occupancy rates in the city. Many families choose to use this property or downpayment as a gift to the student. 

Moving to Ottawa and looking at your options for housing during med school or residency? I would love to chat. Fill out the form below, or contact me directly

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Residency Housing Service - Coast to Coast Help!

In a few days, (exactly forty eight hours at the time of writing this) you along with the rest of the 3300 new residents across Canada will click the link and find out where they will spend the next two or five years of your life. Typically, once match excitement quiets down, you start to think about what is next for this new transition. Where exactly will you live?? 

To Buy or Not to Buy - Ottawa Med School and Residency

At some point you are going to be told that you shouldn't be throwing away your money to pay off a landlords mortgage, and to just buy instead. The best advice I was given was to do your own research and find out for yourself (listen to your gut), and then decide. Don't let one source influence you, read multiple view points. Every single person has different goals and you need to figure out what makes the most sense for you. Let me try and break it down a little more. Keep in mind the biggest factor is going to be time (how long are you in one place), and budget. Let me break it down further for Med Students, Residents, Fellows, etc.