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The Bronson - Cancelled? Sold? Rentals?!

Bronson Condos Ottawa Rental
Bronson Ottawa Condo

In a recent Globe and Mail article it was mentioned that Lamb Development has sold the "$90-million condo project... to an investor". The article implies that Brad Lamb sold the building to an investor who is turning the project into a rental building. Bronson is/was located at 196 Bronson Ave.

Digging further, Fortress Real Developments has announced that the development team submitted a revised development application for Bronson back in October for review by the city. "The 21 storey, 212 unit apartment project is currently being contemplated as a rental as opposed to a condominium." as per their website.

Stay tuned!

View the Globe and Mail article HERE. Excerpt "Even Toronto’s “condo king” Brad Lamb has turned to the rental market, recently selling a $90-million condo project called the Bronson in Ottawa to an investor. When Mr. Lamb unveiled the project in 2013, Ottawa’s condo market was booming, but it has cooled off amid a glut of new construction. “By the time we had closed on the project the market had shifted significantly,” said Ben Myers of Fortress Real Developments, which was financing the project. “A lot of projects came in on a few years and it was just too much.” - 

Fortress Real Developments - Market Manuscript Spring 2015

Fortress Real Estate Manuscript Spring 2015

Fortress Real Developments, has now released the third edition of their semi-annual Market Manuscript. This is the third edition which is an in-depth analysis of available real estate data and projections, delineated by market, and grounded in solid research. It profiles the Canadian Market as a whole along with individual markets such as Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, along with local and national trends.

The 50 page report is written by analyst Ben Myers, a 15 year veteran of researching real estate markets across North America. "There are a lot of conflicting reports on the real estate market. These studies rely on oversimplified calculations, which lead to misleading results. It is important for both buyers and sellers to know who to trust," says Myers. "That's why we put this Manuscript together: to promote the best analysts, and dispel common misconceptions."

Highlights include:

  • No one thinks there will be a national crash: Despite the predictions of doomsayers, nearly two-thirds of analysts now believe that there is less than a five per cent chance of a housing correction over the next five years. Indeed, RBC Global Asset Management even believes that Canadian house prices are undervalued by four per cent.
  • Analysts disagree on the definition of a housing bubble: Survey results indicate no consensus on the level of price growth that suggests a bubble, with a need for speculative buyers to be included in that definition. Foreign condominium buyers are not bad for Canada, and analysts concur that they will not immediately flee the market should house prices decline drastically.
  • Ottawa is expected to rebalance in 2015:  Although data providers have reported divergent results of year-over-year price growth, the fundamentals – employment growth – are still positive. Condominium apartment prices and absorption should improve, following a rare period of overbuilding and over exuberance in the typically staid market in the nation's capital.

Download the full report HERE.

Note* Fortress Real Developments is involved with Gotham Ottawa, SoBa Condos, the upcoming Bronson, among others outside of Ottawa.

*taken from the Market Manuscript Spring 2015

*taken from the Market Manuscript Spring 2015

Gotham Ottawa - Building Update September 15th

Gotham Ottawa, is a 17 storey, 251 unit building, located at Lyon St. and Gloucester St. It is a project of Lamb Development and Fortress Real Developments that is set for completion later this year.

"Loft 13" which is still available for $233,900.

Sales Update

Currently 87-90% sold, there is more supply of the Jr. one bedroom and one bedroom range. While if you are looking for something larger, only a few two bedroom plus dens still available. All two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and "Glass House" units are sold out. Keep in mind prices for the smaller units have recently been increased and the larger units have had prices lower slightly. These price changes range from $10,000 to $12,000 depending on the unit and size. Prices range from $233,900 for the 426sqft one bed "loft 13", up to $619,900 for the 1,300sqft two bed plus den "Loft 316".

Construction Update

The building has been topped off, and most of the exterior glass windows and doors have now been installed. Interior work on the lower floors is underway with PDI's (pre-delivery inspections) being scheduled in October and occupancy beginning in November. 

Photo from " urbform" on flickr , showing building construction topped off, and glass windows mostly finished.

Photo from "urbform" on flickr, showing building construction topped off, and glass windows mostly finished.

Are you looking for more information on Gotham Ottawa? Or looking to purchase a new condo unit? I would love to help!

Written by Matt Richling.

Matt is a licensed salesperson at RE/MAX Metro City Realty in Ottawa, Canada. Matt loves helping sellers and buyers find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle. 

SoBa Condos - Building Update

Soba ottawa logo Matt Richling condos

**For updated information about SoBa Condos, check out the dedicated section with regularly updated construction and sales information. CLICK HERE to view.**

SoBa Condos in Ottawa - Building Update September 15th, 2014

SoBa Ottawa, is a 23 storey, 240 unit, condominium building that will be located at 203 Catherine street, between st. Bank and O'Connor st. It is a project of Lamb Development Corp. and Fortress Real Developments, and is expected for completion of fall 2016 to early 2017. 

Currently at 73% sold out, with a steady amount of sales over the last few weeks (seven units were sold last week alone). They are getting ready to close down the sales office in the next few weeks, start digging in October and finish the digging in December. 

They have a great mix of units still for sale, with many units either sold out, or only one of the model left. Most of the one bedroom, and one bedroom plus dens that are still available, are only available on one floor. While if you are in the market for a two bedroom or something on the larger side, you will have much more selection.

Prices start from $255,900 for unit 716 which is a one bedroom (floor plan D) 465sqft  plus a balcony, facing east. Up to the largest unit a 1,264sqft two bedroom facing North for $680,900. A few penthouse still remain, $671,900 to $828,900, 980sqft to 1,219sqft (just think of the amazing views!).

Floorplan D, which is still for sale $255,900.

- Parking: $39,900 only available for units 604sqft or larger.
- Lockers: $3,500
- Maintance fees - $0.48sqft
- Deposit for Purchase - $5,000 on signing, balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% in 60 days, 5% in 120 days, 5% at closing

If you are interested in SoBa condos or learning more about what they have left, fill out the form below. I would love to help you find the perfect condo, to live in or as an investment.

Written by Matt Richling.

Matt is a licensed salesperson at RE/MAX Metro City Realty in Ottawa, Canada. Matt loves helping sellers and buyers find the perfect home that fits their lifestyle.