Construction Update

SoBa - Construction Update

Soba Condos Ottawa Video

With warmer weather now here, construction crews have come back and continue moving forward. Check out the above time-lapse video of the progress from yesterday at the SoBa site on Catherine st. 

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What's in my condo's concrete floor?

Construction Photo from Richcraft of the 16th Floor of The Bowery on January 28th!

Construction Photo from Richcraft of the 16th Floor of The Bowery on January 28th!

Often it is easy to forget how much work is involved in the construction of a building, and how exactly the buildings are built. Here is a quick example of the construction process for the concrete slabs (or floor) of a concrete highrise condominium. These are all from The Bowery and give you a great sense of what could be in your floor and ceiling.

The main "squares" or woven material is the steel rebar or rod's which provide the strength and woven together throughout every area. Once that is complete all of the tubing and conduits are run for each unit. The red is hot water, blue is cold water, and the grey is electrical along with "other" cables such as fire, audio/visual etc. Some builders run extra to different rooms since it is nearly impossible after the concrete is set.

The rebar (steel rod's) sticking up are to connect vertical concrete walls and columns that support the floor above. The photo below, shows a finished slab that is curing (drying). It gives you a better idea of a more finished product - you can see the vertical rebar for support columns/walls, and the plumbing and other conduits.

Fact - Most concrete subfloors are between 7-10 inches thick, which doesn't include any flooring or subflooring - just the concrete! 

SoBa Condos - Construction Update

Soba Condo Construction Update Ottawa
SoBa Condos Ottawa Catherine Street Construction

After a warm fall and finish to 2015 we have not seen much progress from the construction site of SoBa. Located at 203 Catherine Street in Centretown, the 240 unit building was set for "completion in 2016" - however we have a feeling that this will be pushed back. 

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Minto Beechwood Live Camera

Minto Beechwood Construction Camera

Minto has set up a live construction camera for its project on Beechwood. While not a live video feed, it still gives you a chance to check out the progress without leaving your home. Minto Beechwood is currently about 70% sold out with approximately 37units remaining. Located at the corner of Beechwood and Mackay, Minto Beechwood will be a 9 storey, 126 unit building. Expected completion is winter 2016 with excavation now complete and construction already underway.

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SoBa Ottawa - Live Stream of Construction Progress

**For updated information about SoBa Condos, check out the dedicated section with regularly updated construction and sales information. CLICK HERE to view.**

Soba Condos Ottawa Livestream Construction

For those unable to drive by to see the progress of the construction at SoBa on Catherine Street, Jimmy Joners currently has set up a live stream of the site. 

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Bowery - Construction and Sales Update

Bowery Condos Ottawa Construction

Construction is underway at The Bowery Condos (255 Bay St) by Richcraft Group. Crane was delivered on site a short while back and crews are currently pouring the lowest parking level, P4.

Currently sitting at just over 25% sold, with an expected occupancy date of late 2016 for the lowest floor to mid to late 2017 for the penthouses. Some of the units are now sold out completely (the S4 studio unit, penthouses), while some have limited availability (S1, S2, S3, O2, O3, F4) on the lowest floors. 

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Tamarack Wellington - Construction Update

Tamarack Wellington Ottawa Condo Construction

Tamarack Home's newest building Tamarack Wellington, a 52 unit, six floor building, designed by Barry J. Hobin, will be starting construction this Monday, March 9th. Located at 1140 Wellington Street West, the building is set for completion mid 2016. Currently 37% sold out, with floor plans across every floor still available.

Here is the full memo released by Tamarack:


After overcoming some final hurdles to obtain our Building Permit, we are now officially ready to start Construction! Taggart Construction has mobilized on site and are completing some exploratory work in preparation to commence shoring and excavation work next week.

On Monday March 9th, our shoring contractor will begin to drill and install piles along the perimeter of the site. You will see a large drill rig on site that will be used to drill and drive the piles into the earth. As we install the piles, we will be removing earth and installing lagging to support the extent of the excavation. This portion of the work will take roughly 2-3 weeks to complete.

What to expect during this stage of construction?

-Increased site activity. You will see delivery trucks, equipment being delivered, and increased activity of individual workers on Site. Safety is our number one priority. We will ensure that every truck entering and leaving the site does so with traffic control present.

-Noise caused by drilling and driving piles into the earth will be evident. This is typical construction practice and should not disrupt daily activity for nearby residents and businesses. Noise will only be heard during conventional hours of Construction (7am-5pm).

-Removal of earth will be ongoing but infrequent. Due to the infrequency of loads traffic should not be impacted.

-Removal of trees – We are required to remove four existing trees at the east end of our property, bordering the Grace Hospital. We will be replacing these trees with a mix of new species that will enhance the natural landscape of the area.

What’s next?

-Installation of Site Servicing at the east end of our Site is schedule to commence on March 23rd. We will update the blog as dates become firm.

-Line drilling and rock blasting is scheduled to commence on March 30th. We will be sharing a detailed blasting schedule and blasting protocol as we approach this stage of the work.

Thank you all for your ongoing patience and support!

Tamarack Wellington Construction Team

Claridge Icon - Construction Started - Sales Update

Photo from Claridge Icon Facebook Page

Photo from Claridge Icon Facebook Page

Claridge Icon Construction 2.jpg

Construction has officially started on the Claridge's Little Italy tower, Icon. Currently the tallest to condo tower in Ottawa at 45 storeys and 420 feet high (until Richcraft steals the title), which will see construction continue for the next four years (December 3rd, 2018).

Currently with about 25% sold, or about 80 units, Claridge is very confident that with the amount of time to build the project, they will have no issue in selling all of the units.

For more information on the project, visit the website

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