Matt Richling X Inman News - How to explain to sellers that the market is turning

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Matt was interviewed by Inman News (the largest North American real estate industry news channel) about communicating with sellers in a changing market. You can view the entire article here.

Matt Richling, who practices in Ottawa with the RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group, said that the key is “kind of walking them through the numbers.”

“It’s based on data,” he told Inman. “If I don’t have my information they’ll question it.”

Richling confirmed that conversations about a softer market and tempered expectations are becoming common in his area. Sellers get their information from the news or from what their friends and neighbors experienced and often “feel like they naturally have a pulse of what’s going on,” Richling explained. But in reality, they might be working with information that is long out of date.

“Having that firsthand knowledge is going to make that conversation easier regardless of what you’re looking to do,” he continued. - Inman News - November 23rd 2018