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Condos + Babies: Interview With Sam

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We sat down with Sam Hetz who is the Owner and Medical Director at Concept Medical to ask him about his first hand experience with having and then raising his daughter while living in their condo. Sam and his wife Hana, raised their daughter Ava in a 1057 sqft two bedroom two bathroom hard loft in Hintonburg.

Hana, Sam, and Hana

Hana, Sam, and Hana

What are some of the biggest issues you had raising Ava in the condo? How were you able to overcome them?

We actually found it a total breeze. Given we had two bedrooms, it made it easier than what I think it would have been if we had a smaller space. The only concern we had was that we have a loft-style condo, with open spaces at the top of the door way, which means sounds travel very easily! In the end, this was actually a benefit, as Ava got use to having ambient noice, and now sleeps through anything! Now that Ava is almost 3 years old, we have found that she is expanding her real-estate and taking over more of the condo.  

Babies take up a lot of space, how did you cope? Any tricks?

The first thing would be to buy what you NEED not what you think you’ll need. Babies, especially in the first 6 months really only require the basics. Loading up your condo with extras is a sure way to fill up your space - and stretch the budget. Second, is organize - we installed a closet organizer (thanks, Ikea) which maximized our storage space. As well, we purchased a crib that has an attached changing table and numerous drawers, and internal shelves which allows us to tuck away diapers, etc… 

You live in an open loft, how did you handle noise and keeping things quiet or getting sleep yourselves?

Honestly, this was a non-issue for us (see question 1). At first it was a major concern of ours. However, I think if your baby gets use to surrounding noise, they become use to it, and are able to fall asleep.  

What did you need and what did you waste your money on?

One of the best things we received as a gift was a Diaper Gene. So worth it! It takes up very little room, and kept our condo smelling fresh! If you’re not fortunate to receive one as a gift, it’s worth the buy. I would say the one disappointing buy was a Jolly Jumper. It DID take up a lot of space, and our daughter out grew it really quickly. Given the set up/take down in the condo, I likely wouldn’t buy another one unless we had more space. Oh, and being in a condo we really had NO need for a baby monitor (although we did buy one as well). 

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