Castor Design

124 Pretoria - Kitchen Lighting


One of my favourite parts of preparing a home for sale is dissecting it, to gather all of the details to be able to promote it better. Pretoria Ave, is a home with many cool details that really work well together. One of these is the main kitchen light, a six foot long pendant that hangs over the raised walnut bar. Designed by CASTOR, an iconoclastic Toronto design studio known for is 'rock-'n'-roll lumberjack' sensibility. “The light fixture, is called The Tube Light and it’s one of our top sellers. It’s [hanging]in a lot of places right now, from the Facebook office in California to the Chelsea Hotel in New York." Says Brian Richer, co-owner of Castor.

Check out this video, or rather documentary film titled "Castor is French For Beaver", that gives you an inside look into the mind of the CASTOR duo. Warning - after watching it, I found myself trying to find a space for one of their pieces. 

For more information on 124 Pretoria Ave, check out or contact Matt Richling directly.