Congratulations On The Engagement! Now What?

First off - Congratulations on the engagement! Once the champagne wears off and the dust settles, you start to think about what comes next. Obviously the wedding will take over - but what about where you will live? Need something bigger? More closet space?

What about the space you currently have - how much will it sell for? Could you rent it? At this point you have so many options, you need to narrow down what would work best for you both!

Thinking about buying - you want a house? three or four bedrooms? babies?? schools?

While this might all seem overwhelming - I am here to help you both navigate through it. I have been helping clients like you for almost 10 years and am focused on selling downtown condos and helping buyers find exactly what would make sense for the next stage! 

I would love to chat! Fill out the form below and we will get started.
-Matt Richling

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When it comes to buying/selling/renting you’ve found the right place. My girlfriend and I worked with Matt Richling to find the perfect condo in the right neighbourhood. I work in software at Shopify and she is finishing up her residency through OttawaU at the Civic Hospital. We were able to find a condo that was walking distance for both of us and had enough space. Matt was delightful to work with and helped throughout the entire process, I couldn’t have imagined doing it without him.
— Taylor and Brenda