DND HQ Move Further Delayed

DND Move Delayed Ottawa

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that the move of the Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces to the old Nortel campus on Moodie Drive has fallen behind schedule and will now take several years to complete.

The plan was supposed to start last year, but DND spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said to the Ottawa Citizen that the "effort is complex and will take several years to complete."

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This is just before Andrew Leslie, the Liberal candidate for Orleans, suggested during a campaign speech that he wants a new government complex built in the east end. CLICK HERE for the full Ottawa Citizen article. 

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Military - DND Move to Nortel Campus - Delayed!

DND Move Military Ottawa Housing Delayed

Originally, DND employees were supposed to start moving into the buildings at the old Nortel Campus, 3500 Carling Avenue site by the end of this year. Now that delay could be at least nine more months, pushing to the middle and end of 2016.

Reports and news articles claim it is due to a a structural analysis that was conducted in November that revealed the seriousness of the problems with the outside walls for the four buildings. All of the seals on the windows have failed, and the frames that support the glass are weak, according to the report.

Eventually, 8,500 military and civilian employees will move to the new location on Carling road, which is to be completed by 2020. Moving a large number of employees from across Ottawa, to west-Ottawa.

For those who are transferred into Ottawa, the move certainly comes into play when looking where to live. 

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