Is The Fall A Good Time To Sell My Ottawa Condo?

Selling Ottawa Condo in the Fall

NOTE: I don't mention the possibility of price changes. I don't have a crystal ball and not able to tell the future. Maybe prices will rise, maybe prices will fall. This article leaves price factors out of the equation.

Yellow school busses, #PSL, and football are all back which can only mean summer is almost over. This time of year we are finding people coming back home from vacation, back to work, and noticing that they would like to make a move before winter (aka the deep freeze).

A common question we hear around this time is from those who are thinking of selling, but are wondering if the fall is a good time to sell. Every person's situation is different, but generally the answer is yes. Typically the busiest time of the year is the spring/early summer, followed by the fall. This is when we see the most activity of people buying and making a move - more buyers!

Should I wait till the spring to sell my condo?
Some ask if it is worth it to wait till the spring to sell their condo. Depends, can you wait? (some can't - surprise baby (nine months isn't a surprise but you get the idea), divorce, tenant vacated...etc. If you have the time to wait use it wisely. Use this time to prepare the condo to show its best. Get an outside perspective of what is holding the unit back from showing a 10 out of 10. Are the floors scratched up, need a coat of paint? Maybe it is worth the cost to repair - maybe it is not. Typically people forget that staging take a week or more to arrange and have set up, all time that should use to plan.

Who is the buyer?
When I work with clients to list a condo for sale, I always sit and figure out who the potential buyer(s) will be. Is this an investment property, mature couple, young professional, etc. When you are looking at selling, think about that buyers life... Typically it is different than the standard family with two kids, so keep in mind the condo buyer isn't subjected to back to school season, and December holidays. While we are still impacted by weather (snow, cold, rain, etc) in Ottawa condo land, we typically still have buyers looking throughout the winter. Our buyers are not as affected by weather as much - "There is No snow in condo land!". Take a look at your life to get a sense of the possible buyer - do you travel during the summer, or visit family around holidays? Long weekends are usually very busy, or very slow - depending on the time of year! Use this to plan your dates!

For those who want to sell now a few things to keep in mind. While it is important to have the home prepared and showing as best as it can, it would depend on how long would it take to get there and how much effort you are willing to put in. You might only be willing to invest a certain amount of energy and time to getting it show ready. Don't waste time. If you are going to list now, don't waste a month - buyers are out looking now. Get it ready and get it listed.

So... Fall?
There is no clear answer since everyone is in a different situation. The fall is the second best time of the year to sell. So if you don't/can't/wont't wait another seven months - then give me a call and let's get things started. If you are thinking of waiting, or need a better idea - let's chat. I can help you decide what might be best, or what you are looking at. 

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