Best Day Of The Week To List My Condo?

Ask any agent when the best time of year to sell and you will get two answers (usually), being "Yesterday" and the other more obvious "Spring and Fall". However what about the best day of the week? Typically there is no rhyme or reason that any certain day of the week is better than the other. However I seem to have a few ideas and Ill explain why. (Over thinking it? just maybe...)

First off, a few things to remember about what happens when a property is listed. I typically plan anywhere from four to seven days in advance (or less, really depends on the owner), to be able to have time to create all the marketing materials, get the photographer in, photos processed, etc. So a day here or there can be picked in advance, not just at random. When we list a property on our back end site (MLXchange), it immediately sends out an auto-notification email to any buyer who has a criteria setup  that matches that property. This notification email is a significant, and is a huge tool we rely on, especially during busy buyer months. Depending on the property you can match to 300 or even over 1000 different buyers, being hand delivered to each buyer, with all the information. Then within usually 24 hours, the property is uploaded to the full MLS or

Mid Week Theory

Typically the busiest time of the week for showings is during the weekend. This is when most people are going to be out looking (not at work), and have the flexibility to drive around. As an agent, we typically will book all these appointments the day or so before (usually Friday - if we have that much notice). Which means we send the property search results to our clients the day or so before that, for them to browse through and decide which ones they want to see. SO, if you list a property mid week, Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday, then you will be able to get many of the people who are going to be booking for the weekend.

After Work or Weekend Theory

For these auto notification emails to be effective, they need to be opened, and read. This means not only must they have photos (HUGE NO NO, why list if you don't have photos??), but also the buyers attention when the email is sent. If I am a buyer at work when the email comes and I can't focus on it, I will either miss/ignore it, or archive it. However if I am not in the middle of something the chances of me reading that email, and looking at the property are much greater. So the other theory is to list a property in the after work hours or on the weekend when you are less stressed about work, and more able to have the time to read the emails.  


While all marketing materials need time to be created, there are always buyers who are currently looking and placing offers. What if the perfect buyer for your condo placed an offer on another one last night, or today? ..... !

Basically there is no perfect answer, or at least for now, and we can only just guess at what makes the most sense. Do you have a suggestion to the best day of the week? I would love to hear it.