Why should I use an agent to help buy my Ottawa Home or Condo?


Anyone can purchase a home, but buying the wrong home, without proper research, knowledge and information, can be immeasurable.

With a surge of online resources and increasing for-sale-by-owner market, it is not surprising that some buyers consider a DIY attitude when looking at Ottawa condos or homes. 

For most people, a real estate professional is an indispensable partner in the home-buying process. While buyers today are more educated and have more tools, all the research in the worlds can't match an experienced agent's understanding of the market. When the market, buildings, and trends are changing on a day to day basis, you should go to someone that is kept up to date on this information. Simple information that is not going to be found online, like building issues, or past/upcoming special assessments, stigmatized properties, the list goes on.

The real estate agent is completely objective and professional when discussing their opinion of the property being considered for purchase unlike a parent, spouse or best friend. A good agent should be able to walk you through both, pro's and con's of every property.

The buyer's agent fee is typically compensated by the seller, which means that as a buyer you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by tapping the expertise of an agent. 

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