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Recently Mr and Mrs B. (the sellers) reached out to Matt about selling their condo at Mondrian. A great condo that they loved and enjoyed but they needed more space - life happens! Eventually one thing led to another - they fell in love and then purchased their dream home. Great! BUT then the stress hit when they realized that they had to sell the condo. No one wants to carry the cost of two homes! 

Matt crafted a marketing plan and pricing strategy - one that fit the lifestyle that a buyer would expect when living at Mondrian and inside that specific unit. Focused on not just the upgrades and square footage, but something more. Of course there was high quality photos that were edited just right, nicely written words, and Facebook ads galore. Multiple offers were received and the unit was sold for over asking price

With the stress removed, the clients looked forward to the new transition and not stuck with two homes. Happy Ending!

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