Where Does My Condo Start? What do I own?

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A common question is regarding the boundaries of the condo, where exactly does it start? What exactly do you own, versus what is a common element? The answer is simple - check your status certificate. The main reason is that every single building is different and each building will have a different definition.

That said let's give you a better answer - let's take a closer look at the status certificate for The Galleria Phase 2 (238 Besserer) which will be fairly similar for those in a recently built highrise. Again, don't assume this is what is used by your building, check your own status certificate.

For the residential condo, the status describes the
- horizontal lower (floor) boundary as the upper unfinished surface of the concrete floor slab,
- horizontal upper (ceiling) boundary as the lower unfinished surface of the concrete slab above the unit.
It is explained using the concrete (rather than the drywall) since many buildings don't have finished ceilings!

Now for the vertical boundaries, 
- The backside surface of the drywall on the exterior walls of each unit,
- In the vicinity of the structural walls and columns, (which shall not form part of the unit), the backside surface of the drywall that surrounds such walls and columns,
- In the vicinity of pipe and duct chases, (which shall not form part of the unit), the backside surface of the drywall surrounding such chases,

What about windows and exterior doors??
- In the vicinity of the windows and exterior doors, the unfinished interior surface of the windows and doors in closed position, the inner or unit side surface of the glass contained therein, and the unfinished interior surface of the window and door frames. 

- the portion of the fireplace and flue lying within the unit boundaries described above shall form part of the unit.

To sum it up, in 238 Besserer and in many similar buildings you own the drywall and in. BUT always check your own status certificate!

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ArtHaus Sales Promotion - 20 Months Paid Condo Fees


To celebrate 20 years of business, DevMcGill has announced a sales promotion of free condo fee's for 20 months if you purchase a unit at ArtHaus before March 20th, 2018.

There are only a few units that still remain, and occupancy is starting March 18th. If you are interested in ArtHaus before the promotion is over, lets chat.

For more information about ArtHaus including news articles, renderings, floor plans, and pricing, check out the ArtHaus page here.

St Charles Market - Sales Update

St-Charles-Market-Condos Ottawa.jpg

St. Charles Market, located at 135 Barrette street, has officially sold 55% of the 54 units. Building completion is set for late 2018. Built by Modbox Developments, prices for remaining units start at $443,900 (for unit 207 the 911 sqft two bedroom two bathroom) up to $3.2M for Penthouse 3 (a custom designed 3,923sqft four bedroom, three bathroom). Penthouse 3 is the last available of the four penthouses. Automated valet parking is an additional $35,000, storage locker is an additional $5,000. Monthly condo fees are estimated to be $0.46sqft (plus parking $56 and locker $17). The last barrier-free unit (unit 202) is still available. 

For more information including all updates, floor plans, renderings and sales/construction updates regarding St Charles Market, visit the St Charles page here.

Top Condo Renovations for Maximum Return


A common question that I am asked is regarding which renovations will bring the best return when looking to sell an Ottawa condo or loft. Typically my answer can be very specific to the unit, however, there are some general ideas that you should start with.

1. Painting. Without a question, one of the most common things that is suggested to a client is a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim work. Sometimes there are hairline cracks in the ceiling or scuff marks on the trim, and for the cost, it is the typically the best thing you can do to prep the condo for sale. A nice light grey goes a LONG way!

2. Kitchen. While not usually the cheapest option, more units around the city are starting to have slightly dated cabinets and counters. While replacing the counters is (essentially) an easy task, replacing the cabinets is a serious overhaul and a lot of work. However, depending on the unit and the cost it can make a HUGE difference in the unit. Remeber that a condo doesn't have numerous rooms or places to spend money - so having the main room look its best does a lot for sale price.

2.5 Parts of the kitchen. Even replacing the handles or painting the cabinets will give a fresh and serious change to the space. You don't always need to spend a boatload of cash to get results. 

3. Flooring. One of the first things most buyers notice when they walk into a unit is the quality of the flooring and the shape that it is in. Do you have carpet? Has the dog put deep scratches all over? Shoe or furniture imprints throughout the unit? These are a huge turn off for most buyers. Resist the urge to throw down low-cost laminate flooring, as it doesn't last. However every unit and budget is different.

4. Bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, there are not many rooms to spend money in a small condo. However, a new cabinet, mirror, or sometimes even just a shower curtain will go a long way in revamping the feel of the en-suite bathroom and can cost a lot less then in the kitchen. Some "modern" buildings from the 2003-2005 era have a very "interesting" yellow mustard tile - again, a huge turnoff for buyers.

5. Closet System. One of the first things we did in our condo was to remove the current standard "builder" closet and replace it with a closet system. This allowed us to fit two to almost three times the amount in the same space. It completely changed the way we were able to use the space and in a condo, every inch counts. There are numerous options available from DIY at Homedepot or Lowes, to custom built options! 

6. CLEAN. Yes, it isn't exactly a renovation, but you would be surprised by the number of people who don't DEEP clean, or even just clean period before putting their unit up on the market. A buyer wants to feel like they can live there and they want to feel that YOU love living there. If you don't take care of the space it subconsciously tells them that you don't like it and that they won't either. Go crazy with the cleaning - it will pay for itself!

While every unit is different, these are typically what I seem to mention when a client is asking what the can do in order to increase the value for selling. Want to chat about your unit specifically or just get more information about selling your condo? I would love to chat and answer any questions that you have.

The Bowery - Sales Update

Bowery Ottawa Condos For Sale

The Bowery Condos and lofts, built by Richcraft Homes and located at 255 Bay Street, has sold 90 of the 246 suites (248 if you include the two guest suites), or about 37%. There are six of the floorplans that are fully sold out and numerous floor plans that are only available on lower floors. Pricing starts at $200,000 for the S2 model which is 401sqft, and only available on the 1st and 2nd floor. The largest unit that is currently available is the T3 model which is a two bedroom, 919sqft, located on the second floor for $418,000. All units include 4 European stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer in-unit, quartz counters, and hardwood flooring throughout the unit - all standard. 

The building is now complete and the units are available with an (almost) immediate closing period. Parking is available at $30,000 and lockers at $3,000. Monthly condo fees are priced at $0.36sqft and include heat, water, central air, etc.

For updated floorplans and price lists, fill out the form below. 

Claridge Icon - Construction and Sales Update


The Claridge Icon is well underway with construction crews currently pouring the 5th floor. Set for completion by April 2020, there is a rumor that they are moving ahead of schedule and occupancy might even start earlier. The 45 storey building will stand 485 feet high above the ground. 

The building is currently around 40% sold (124 of the 320 units), with only two of the twelve penthouse units still available. Some floorplans are almost all fully sold out like the Bertoia (2bed-855sqft), New Pacino (1bed 645sqft), etc. Sales are estimated to pick up significantly this year with the increased demand in the Ottawa condo market.


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1451 Wellington - Sales Update

1451 Wellington Mizrahi Developments Ottawa

1451 Wellington - the residences at Island park drive, are off to a strong start with just under 50% sold. There are still options for all sizes and price points, with a few looking slim. The building is a Mizrahi development that is expected to be completed in 2021. It is a 12 story building featuring only 93 units. Prices start at $479,900 for a one bedroom, up to $1.325 million and up for two bedrooms plus den. Parking is $40,000, storage $10,000, with monthly maintenance fee at 85 cents a square foot.

Click here to download a copy of the 1451 Wellington Sales Brochure.

Ottawa Condo Market Stats for January 2018


Let's take a quick look at the numbers for the Ottawa condo market for January 2018 and how they stack up. ** Note: All data is provided by the Ottawa Real Estate Board. Condo data includes all condominium property styles.**

- There were 406 new condo listings to come on the market in January 2018, a decrease compared to January 2017 which saw 472.

- The average condo sale price was $263,744, a decrease from January 2017 by 8.6%

- There were 173 sales, an increase of 45% over January 2017 which only had 119

- 55% of the sales were priced between $150,000 and $249,999

- Active listings at the end of January 2018 compared to end of January 2017 saw a decrease of 27.2%... meaning there were 27.2% less available units at the end of January this year than last year. 

While we saw the average price decrease, it was mainly due to a lack of sales in the higher price point and more sales in the lower range. At the same time, we saw an increase in sales overall which leads to a lack of supply compared to the same time last year. Bottom line .... This is setting up for a crazier market this spring!

If you are thinking of selling, this is the time to get things started and listed. Less competition means a hungrier buyer! Email or call and we can chat about options and your specific unit.

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Condo Listing Agent

Questions when Choosing Condo Agent in Ottawa.jpg

A quick Google search will reveal that there are about a million blog posts with the same "questions to ask your agent". How long have you been in the business, how many homes do you sell, what is your percentage of phone calls to sold signs... blah blah. Yes, these are great and you should ask away - the more you ask the better. That being said, here are eight questions to ask your agent when selling your Ottawa condo.

1. Do you focus on condos?
- You would have no idea the number of times I have heard wrong information given out by agents to clients about condos. Sure, we can't know everything - but even having a basic understanding should be expected. Example. I overheard an agent once tell his client that the condo fee rises the higher a condo is within a building. facepalm. Yes, my license allows me to sell a commercial property, and I have even taken a mandatory commercial property course - but I don't know everything about commercial deals and am not the best agent to handle a commercial deal. Condo living is different that freehold living, and buying/selling a condominium is taking freehold properties and adding extra complexities. The deals are done on different forms, there are extra conditions and clauses only for condominiums, and extra knowledge that you only know by "being in the trenches".

2. Have you sold my floorplan or sold in my building? 
- How familiar is the agent with your specific building? Some buildings I have sold every floorplan since it has been launched. Does the agent know where the amenities are and how to get around the building? Even details like having a good relationship with the concierge, security, or property manager goes a long way when we need something. 

3. Who is most likely to buy my condo? 
- One of the first steps when creating the marketing plan for each listing is sitting down and walking through who potential buyers are for the condo. Owner-occupied or investor? Older or younger. Married? Kids? Most buildings have a mix of people, but there is a general trend. Can the agent see the trend? Targeting these buyers, rather than wasting resources on buyers who are unlikely to buy it. Modern two story loft with stairs? Willing to bet it isn't being bought by an older couple looking to downsize. 

4. Other than units in my building, what units/buildings are our biggest competition?
- Having a knowledge of other units and other buildings will help you get a better perspective on the market and what to expect. Knowing that there are three hot units in a building across the street, will help when pricing. 

5. What are the largest issues we will have with selling the condo?
- You can't sugar coat everything and most places have something that isn't going to work for most buyers. Is it size? Is it the damaged floors? Is it the view, building, location, furniture, etc? Can you address it beforehand or mitigate the issues early on? 

6. How will you market the condo?
- Unlike a residential home, most buildings will not allow a for sale sign. Some buildings have banned open houses. The agent needs to have the tools (not just know about them) to sell in today's world. Facebook, Google, Instagram, targeted ads, VR.... what is the agent going to do in order to get in front of the right buyers? Do they have a plan to get the condo sold?

7. Do you do your own photography?
- The number of horrible photos that are used on the MLS blows me away. Hiring the best agent means having an agent who knows the value of highering a professional photographer. This should almost be the first question that you ask - it's that important. Have they done dusk shots? 

8. Do you have a handyman that has experience with condos?
- If you need any work done (such as replacing floors, or sometimes even painting), there are almost always extra steps that are needed before work can be done in the condo. Getting condo board approval is the most important, but even just keeping the neighbors happy can go a long way. Many trades are used to working on job sites that are loud and dirty, not in modern buildings with shiny elevators and neighbors who can hear everything. Some buildings have specific rules about construction waste or using the elevators.

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2018 Ottawa Condo Market - Predictions


Last year I suggested that if you were to ask ten strangers about the Ottawa condo market you would likely get a pretty constant message that the market wasn't very pretty. Keep in mind it has been a rough number of years since things were booming. However, if you were to ask another ten people this year, I would say the message is going to be quite confusing. 

Since the 2017 Market report, things have certainly increased and we are seeing the condo market pick up. There are fewer listings and fewer DOM (days on market) than in past years. Buildings that had high numbers of listings, only have a couple (if that). The question could be asked if this is due to less supply of units or seller's pricing more realistically and selling. We are constantly seeing multiple offers on condos - again, is it due to lack of supply or more accurate pricing, or both? While the market is not red hot it is certainly better than in previous years. 

All of this while the government is placing more rules and regulations to calm the markets in large urban centers (Toronto etc.). While it will still be interesting to see how the most recent mortgage changes will affect the market - it is too early to tell but most anlysts are agreeing it will have little to no impact on the market especially in Ottawa.

CMHC is predicting that housing starts (new construction) in Ottawa will decline over 2018 and 2019 caused by a drop in apartment (condominium) starts (not freehold housing). This will continue to strengthen the demand for resale or existing homes, especially due to Ottawa's relative affordability. This affordability factor will also help to push up the price of Ottawa resale properties.

What to expect for the 2018 Ottawa condo market?
- A positive condo market. Slightly improved over the 2017 market but not as large of a change as was expected. This means much more balanced, or slightly more in favour of the seller. 

- Slightly increased sales numbers to last year with a modest increase in price. Building off of 2017 and continuing to see growth.

- More units sold to buyers located outside of Ottawa. Parents purchasing for kids while at school,  investors from Toronto, etc. Ottawa has a huge leg up in comparison to other cities when it comes to affordability. We will see more units purchased as investments since the "Ottawa real estate dollar" goes further. Add in the relatively slow and constant growth, it is seen as a safer investment than Toronto or Vancouver. 

- Tighter regulations in condo buildings for short-term accommodations (Airbnb) and more freehold units converted to supply the demand. There is a lot of money in short term rentals, and there is no shortage of people looking for it. 

- First-time buyers using more family money/credit. Borrowing from the bank of mom and dad will be more popular due to the changes in mortgage requirements. As well as parents being on title - to increase the ability for the child to qualify.

- Little impact from the Mortgage Stress Test. Due to Ottawa's lower average price point, the mortgage stress test will affect fewer buyers than in larger urban centers where the average price is much higher.

- More demand for units closer to downtown. The city of Ottawa has a huge push to calm traffic. This includes removing secondary lanes, increasing "no right turn on reds", increasing the number of bike lanes, advanced pedestrian walk at lights, etc. The goal is to make the streets safer - which is great. However, this is going to see an increase in the time it takes to get to and from work. This will also push commercial development in areas outside of downtown. 

- Messy period around marijuana regulations with landlords/tenants and condo boards. As well, what constitutes a grow-op and personal use with regards to disclosure when selling.

Thoughts? It is going to be an interesting year and I am looking forward to it! Bring it on.

Agree/disagree? Tell me below.

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Ottawa Senators at LeBreton Flats - What does it mean for you and Ottawa Real Estate?


Last week the National Capital Commission announced that it signed an "agreement in principle" with RendezVous LeBreton to redevelop the 21-hectare area located in LeBreton Flats. RendezVous LeBreton is the winning bid to develop the land which is focused around a new NHL arena, 4,000 units of housing, schools, and public space. This agreement is another step in order for things to move forward however, there is still a very long way to go. 

Mayor Jim Watson, who is an NCC board member said “I have lots of ideas on how this thing can be derailed but I don’t want to share them because I want the thing to succeed. We’ve waited 50 to 60 years to get something on that site.” 

The largest hurdle being that both sides must still negotiate a final agreement, including proof that the developers have the financing that is required. At the same time, the federal government will also be asked to approve the undisclosed price for the cleanup, which is being deducted from the sale price of the land. While the City of Ottawa will also be required to approve any zoning amendments. 

In terms of timelines, the NCC said that the goal for construction is to begin in 2019-2020, or in 12 to 24 months. However, keep in mind that it took nearly two full years (April 2016) to get to where we are now. The NCC said it held 40 meetings and 120 hours of talks..... over two years!

IF... IF this moves ahead, will it be a positive for the area? Certainly without question. Aside from the fact that homes/condos in the immediate area are only steps to a LRT stop etc. The demand and then prices will certainly see a boom. There are over a dozen condo high rise buildings within a short walk - Cathedral Hill, The Gardens, the numerous buildings on Laurier, Claridge condos on Lebreton Flats, Zibi buildings, etc.  Especially since as of today some of these buildings are at a steal compared to similar units only minutes away.  These 

There is no question, that these values will rise if the Senators move downtown. Add in the LRT and it is a no-brainer. The question now is will it happen and when. How late can you wait before prices start creeping up? How much will values rise? 

Depending on your level of risk, LeBreton flats might be an area that pays off.

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SOBA - Construction Update - January 30th 2018


Things are progressing quite nicely at SoBa. Construction is currently pouring the 23rd floor (seven more to go), with windows starting to be installed on the 2nd etc. There are reports of construction crews working over the weekends in order to catch up with the delays (weather, mainly low temperatures). 

For more information about SoBa Condos, check out the dedicated section with regularly updated construction and sales information. CLICK HERE

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ArtHaus - Sales and Construction Update Jan 2018

Arthaus Ottawa Construction.jpg

Construction is well underway at Arhaus Condos, located at 20 Daly Ave. There are approximately only ten units left. Mostly two beds, with one 1 bedroom (a Milne floor plan, corner unit 569sqft) and there is also One large 1 bedroom plus den (a fitzgerald floorplan, corner unit 978sqft). Prices for these units are starting from around $350,000.

At this time there is occupancy for the units (lowest floor first) expected for March 18th, 2018. 

Any questions or would like to know more? Fill out the form below.

Arthaus Ottawa Feb 2018.jpg

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Top Hard Loft Buildings in Ottawa

Top hard lofts in Ottawa For Sale

Looking for a real loft in Ottawa? That exposed brick, rough and open concept type feeling? While it is hard to find in Ottawa when compared to other cities, here is a list of buildings to put on your watch list.

The Wallis House at 589 Rideau Street

Studio Argyle - 255 Argyle Street - Located in Centretown, the building was redesigned by Domicile in 2000, and consists of 40 units over 4 floors.

Wallis House - 589 Rideau Street - Located in Lower Town, the first building was originally built in 1851 and used as a Catholic hospital, among other uses. Eventually, it was purchased by L.A. Sandy Smallwood in 1994 and converted into 47 lofts. All units were pre-sold in less than 24 hours - and this was before the condo craze.

School House Square - 24 Springfield Road

Laura Secord Factory - 120 Holland Ave - Located in Wellington Village, this building features massive units and are hard to find on the market. Originally built in 1956, the building was converted to lofts in 1998. The building got its name from Laura Secord company who was once a tenant.

Lofts Du Monfort - 297 Dupuis Street - Located in Vanier, the building was originally built in 1912 as "Monfort School". Renovated in 1998 by Nicolini Construction, there are only 15 units making it hard to find one for sale. 

School House Square at 24 Springfield

School House Square - 24 Springfield Road - Located in New Edinburgh, the building was originally a french catholic school "Ecole St Charles" that was built in 1910. Converted to lofts in 1997 by Domicile.

School House Lofts - 19 Melrose Avenue - Located in Hintonburg, the building was originally built in 1912. It was also a french catholic school "Ecole Sacre-Coeur". Turned into 11 lofts and 12 stacked townhomes in 2009.

Parkdale Market Lofts - 320 Parkdale

Parkdale Market Lofts - 45 Spencer and 320 Parkdale - Located in Hintonburg it was originally built as a factory and then turned into lofts in 2005. Both buildings are unique as they each have their own differences.

The Warehouse Lofts - 95 Beech - Located in Little Italy, M.J. Obrien built a factory to house a mica factory and a railroad contractor. Converted to lofts in 2000 by Craig Callan Jones.

Looking for a hard loft in Ottawa? Let's chat. I would love to help you out.

St Charles Market - Sales Starting Next Week


Sales will officially begin starting May 27th 2017. For those who are familiar with the work of Linebox and Modbox and the history of the St Charles Church, the excitement around this development should not be overlooked! Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

For more information regarding pre-construction condos in Ottawa and St Charles Market fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

For all news and updates regarding St Charles Market, check out the St Charles Market page here.

Arthaus Promo and Sales Update

DevMcGill has announced a new promo to help sell the remaining units at its newest project Arthaus. They have dropped the down payment amount to 5% (from the standard 20%) and are throwing in a $5,000 Artemano gift card for studio and 1beds or $10,000 for 1+den and 2bedrooms. This is for a limited time and no date for when it will remain till. 

As of today, there are only 25 units that remain available to purchase. There are a couple studio units left, and the majority of the selection is in 1 bedroom plus den suites and 2 bedroom suites. All of the one bedroom suites are now sold. They are still on track for a 2017 occupancy and construction is well underway. 

If you would like more information about units that are available for purchase or pre-construction condos in Ottawa, fill out the form below.

Visit the Arthaus page for everything about Arthaus including news, sales, and construction updates.

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Domicile Model Suite Furniture Sale

Domicile Model Suite Furniture Sale

Looking to spruce up your space? Domicile is hosting a one-day furniture sale that has been collected and used in model units over the last few years. We are told it is a mix of contemporary and classic pieces that will be at "very affordable prices". Happening this Friday, February 10th from Noon to 5pm at 376 Madison Ave. 

SOBA - Construction Update February 2017

Things are moving ahead on the SoBa project which is located on Catherine street. Digging has now stopped and things are moving upwards! 

For more information about SoBa Condos, check out the dedicated section with regularly updated construction and sales information. CLICK HERE to view.

2017 Ottawa Condo Market - Predictions

2017 Ottawa Condo Market

If you ask ten strangers about the Ottawa condo market right now, you are likely to get a pretty general idea of how things are currently going. Not great, slow, crap, etc. Unlike it's sister market - freehold homes are selling quite well and are still breaking monthly sales numbers. Condo's on the other hand, are not so hot. Let's take a quick look back and then see where things are possibly headed.

The condo market has been in this "slump" since 2012 when supply/demand started catching up. We started noticing the number of listings and DOM (days on market) increasing, and fewer multiple offers etc. Over the last few years, the conversation when sitting down with someone looking to sell is often about how to loose as little as possible, or even how to break even. Now keep in mind there are a few factors in play here. Most of these people bought in 2009-2013 (or earlier) and expected the market to keep going the path that it was. At that time, who cared if the view was horrible, upgrades were slim, or they over paid.... it would still be worth more when they sold. As well, many times the condo that was purchased does not fit their current lifestyle (partner/pet/baby/clothes addiction), and after only a few years they are looking to sell. That person has not stayed in the unit long enough to really see the value rise. 

Where are we right now? Well in 2016, the number of unsold units dropped by almost a fourth from November to February (529 vs 699). Builder condo starts (number of permits etc.) from the first 11 months of 2016 were 583. Down from 776 for the same period in 2015, and down significantly from 1301 in the same 11 month stretch in 2014. Less builder starts mean less supply and allows everything to even out (typically 2-3 years). Right now, we still have buildings on the way but more builders are focusing on the hot rental market. Switching poor selling or upcoming projects to rental buildings. Housing affordability really hasn't changed - its still an issue overall, however new first-time buyer credits and low-interest rates still make purchasing attractive (if you can afford it). 

Is the market right now really that bad? The fall market saw numerous multiple offers... (yes, you read that correct), and short days on market (3-4 days, 7 days etc). We had this first hand and couldn't believe it. One of my Centretown listings in the fall had multiple offers (five in fact!) and the property sold over list price. So, no... the condo market in Ottawa is certainly not horrible. It just depends on numbers and who you're talking to.

What should we expect for 2017? Based on the numbers and market, I expect a better condo market overall for 2017. Not a crazy difference, but it will feel better or more positive than 2014/2015/2016, leading the way for a larger change in 2018. 
- A positive condo market.
- Similar sales numbers, but with a modest 1-3% increase in price.
- Sellers spending more to prepare the unit before selling. Painting, decluttering, even staging. All in an effort to maximize the value and shorten the time it takes to sell.
- Fewer high rise condos selling for investment. The 2015/2016 built condo's are all seeing the condo fee rise and the numbers are harder and harder to make work. However you will still see it, being more hands-off and easier to handle makes them perfect for out of city owners, or new first time investors.
- No units purchased for airbnb. This will move to centrally located freehold housing with less rules and restrictions. If a building didn't restrict short term rentals in 2016, it will in 2017.
 - Buyers will spend more time to decide before making a purchase. There is more information and reviews online about buildings and the builder. Buyers will (or should - see below) look closer at the building and unit before they place an offer.
- First-time buyers looking at slightly larger units. Even if that means waiting to afford them. They will learn from the mistakes of those selling now.

Keep in mind there is a lot going on with respect to United States, which could impact all of this. These are my perdictions. Thoughts?

SOHO Italia - Possible Launch Date?

Soho Italia Ottawa Condos
Soho Italia Poster Ottawa Condo

Rumors are suggesting that Mastercraft Starwood is looking at this May to start local sales for the latest building to carry the Soho name. Soho Italia is going to be a 30 story, 254 unit building that will be located in Little Italy at 500 Preston Street at Carling Ave. Prices are suggested to "start from the low $200,000's". 

The building has been for sale in outside markets (Toronto, Montreal) to investors. No word on the amount that has been sold.

Soho Italia is set to contain over 10,000sqft of indoor and outdoor amenities, which includes a fourth-floor area as well as a 30th-floor rooftop amenity area (ask buyers at Mondrian why it matters to specify!).

Soho Italia Floorplan Zenga Ottawa Condos
Soho Italia Condos Ottawa Versace Floorplan